Okay what's up with the profiles?

LightWolf posted 1st of July 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

I tried to leave a thank you message on DosDawg's profile and on Jay's profile but will only let me comment on 1 profile a week? WTF. That is totally ridiculous so I have to post my thanks to DosDawg here. I would like to say thanks for all the help and support you and Jay gave me DosDawg in upgrading my website. You both went above and beyond the call of duty to help. I would suggest anyone that needs help ask DosDawg or Dolphin_Jay for help as they are very good at working with this software. God bless you both and may this bring you all good karma for the support you have shown me and others here on unity.

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Nathan Paton
Several months ago a member abused the profile review system and dropped Houstonlively's points in half by posting the same review thousands of times. In response, BoonEx implemented a system where you can only submit reviews to profiles once a week (which also applies to the owner of the profile).
Yea. That's kinda stupid. They should be preventing successive reviews to the same profile. I guess it was easier to keep track of the date of the last posted review then to keep track of not only the post date, but the profile posted to as well. Always taking the easy way out it seems.
you are more than welcome, and considering the issues you were facing and not getting any help from 'what' then after talking to jay, he agreed that we could take a look at this. jay fought quite the battle trying to get this to upgrade, but eventually got it to work out for him.

It's all my fault. Nut cases are drawn to me for some reason. I should go take sensitivity classes, so I might be more understanding and caring towards all the cuckoos.
Nathan Paton
@houstonlively: Admitting is the first step.
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