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AntonLV posted 10th of January 2010 in News. 4 comments.

During the time we've checked and configured a great number of different servers for our new clients. It helped us to see that the problem of incompatible PHP settings takes place very often. In this case we have a little suggestion for everybody who wants to start new community and tries to purchase a hosting account. It would be better for you and helps you to setup and running your community faster if you ask your future hosting provider to make the following preconfigurations on your account during its creation

  • register_globals - Off
  • safe_mode - Off
  • disable_functions - empty
  • open_basedir - empty
  • memory_limit - 128M
  • max_execution_time - 300
  • post_max_size - 128M
  • upload_max_filesize - 128M
  • allow_url_fopen - On


P.S. Such little request will help you to understand what you can do on your hosting account and what you cannot. You'll get a first opinion about how much good support you'll be able to get from selected hosting provider.  ;)

Good Luck!!!

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When will the point system be available?
Please advise. How does the People rating works. For example, how does Dolphin determine "Most Popular" and the "The Top Rated" member?
why is your requested upload_max_filesize=128 (what determined this setting?) because personally i dont see where it makes any sense. two things about this, if you have a community of any substantial size, and they are uploading video/audio of the size 100m+ each, lets just do some math here on this.

Just assume 2000 members each uploads 1 file per say for one year. (not taking into consideration any other new sign ups or any additional modifications of your site, most specifically see more another migration script like what was released for 6 --> 7

so we have 2000 files per day @ 100mb each =200,000mb = 195.3125GB per day
365 days in a year
69TB of space

that is just disk space, now does anybody running the dolphin community have 70TB of space?

as you can see i cut the 128mb that you suggest i cut the 28mb off which would be 56000mb daily = 19.493102734375TB

now granted, your case may be that all 2000 members will not upload a 100mb file, that is correct, so lets say that only 1/3 of the 2000 members upload the max file size, we are still looking at 27TB of space.

so i would personally like to know how this 128mb recommended upload filesize was arrived at.

Hello DosDawg

Thank you for the question.

This limitions were taken from our experience. From time to time we had clients who want provide their members to upload files up to 100 MB
Yes, such community will require a lot of disk space, but I'm sure that even if you provide such capability to upload up to 128 MB video files, only 1 member from 100 or may be even from 1000 tries to upload such file.

If you upload some big video file it may require more then 300sec to process it with FFMPEG. see more Also new Dolphin has some other parts which require increased execution time.

P.S. I listed the basic server configuration settings, which were incorrectly configured on the most part of servers which we checked during the last week. The whole list of requirements can be found here (

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