PHP Nuke vunerability

tango3d posted 31st of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

For some reason I had PHP Nuke installed on my server at, some hackers used a vunerabilty in this to install a script in the home directory which sent hundreds of phishing emails and then completely wiped every file and folder from my account on the server. luckily I had done a full local backup 3 day ago, but still is a major headache to re install everything when there were 5 sub domains.


So if PHP Nuke is installed on your account at hostmonster, it is not the latest version and you should update it or if you are not using it, disable it. to do this, log into your control panel, go to fantastico deluxe, click on PHP Nuke and see if its installed.


Wouldn't want anyone else to have this problem.

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shared hosting, must have register_globals on, this is a big problem. there is no way for them to install a script on your machine if you were on a dedicated machine (even if shared with other dolphin hosting accounts) and register_globals were OFF.


thanks for the info though.
register_globals were off but am on shared hosting, it was hostmonster that alerted me to the problem with PHP Nuke
I've been running Nuke since late 2005 and never had hacker problems other than bots, spam bots and porn bots (forum areas, an occasional shout) which are more of an annoyance than a threat IMO. .htaccess edits control them to the most part but what i would suggest, if you're not already running, is Sentinel and or Protector.

They are the bomb ;o)

Both are part of my Nuke Platinum but are also stand alone mods you can get for free.
Hey, thanks for that advice, I will go check it out
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