Premium - What did I get?

CodeSatori posted 18th of May 2010 in Community Voice. 17 comments.

A while back, I upgraded my account to Premium. When I look at the premium list of benefits, there are some things I just can't locate. There are really only five things in Premium that aren't available to everyone else:

- Access Premium Forums
- Access to Trident Blog
- Post/sell products in Market
- Receive 10% discount in Market
- Submit tickets to BoonEx Trac

Of these, I have NOT discovered the promised Premium Forums or Trident Blog, and I also get a "no privileges" error if I try to submit a ticket to Trac. (The Premium page only lists regular forum posts by premium members -- nothing of separate premium forums there.)

In particular, I was looking forward reading the Trident Blog, because that's the one Boonex project that holds a great deal of interest to me. However there is no mention of any such blog existing anywhere at

All things considered, I'm a bit unclear over what I paid $20 for... I realize it's a really cool feeling to be able to support Boonex and get brownie points (apparently the premium reason for going premium), but if this is listed as Premium Membership for a price, rather than a Donate to Boonex opportunity, the benefits should match the product description.

Can someone please clarify what exactly the benefits are that I should receive as a premium member? I don't currently have time to focus on trading on the market, and beyond that it seems like the "tangible" benefits of premium membership are few and far in between.

I didn't even get the "Premium star" that was promised...

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I have heard this from others and it is precisely the reason I do not upgrade really. However I did not know about the "Premium Star" bit. That is clearly scandalous and I would demand your money back if I were you CS :P
Valid point .. looks like an Donate option
I am a premium member - I've never seen a blog trident

on this page - it says :
"Premium Access
Premium Members receive early access to Trident project development information, source code extracts, screenshots and discussion. We limit this access to Premium Members only to limit noise and maximize signal. If you want to participate or need to know more about Trident, consider Unity Premium Membership."

- I paid $ 50 for six months - I've never seen see more nothing of it all

if only to make a donation and funded WebHome - for me it's the last time I pay
Nathan Paton
I was actually working on a rather long article, and was consulting numerous premium members. It was to show that premium membership provided little to nothing when compared to advanced membership, and to be honest, it doesn't. Nearly everything featured as perks for premium is available to advanced, and anything advanced didn't have was mostly unavailable to premium, as well. I shared several long conversations with some, who would only show their true feelings on the matter through a medium other see more than those on Unity (as there is always a concern for big brother, I'm sure).

At this time, I consider premium membership to be the contributor renamed. Essentially, you're paying for this monthly as a way to show that you support BoonEx financially, but it's still fairly deceitful, as you are expecting numerous perks which have yet to appear.
I also have begun to rethink passing anything via unity mail. Call me paranoid but I prefer to discuss things outside now. Nothing very wrong with that I suppose.
Nathan Paton
@cbassthefish: I actually read the database on some of my forums for private conversations and the like, and I am not alone on this. It's very likely someone at BoonEx may be doing the same thing.
Glad to see I wasn't hallucinating. With what premium membership offers at the moment beyond market access, $5/month seems to be more like it... I won't be renewing for $20 unless I have a need to start selling on the market (in which case market sales would cover it, and it'd be easier to look at it as an investment). I'm just not into corporate charity --- the price of a product or service needs to match the value it provides!

@cbass: I generally don't use any third party sites' internal messaging see more systems for anything but the most casual quick messages, precisely because you never know how private or secure it is. (And it's also a pain in the ash to log in at a dozen different sites to respond.)
You did well to talk about this problem - with the new guidelines and priority bonnex - today - I have no reason to support bonnex
Andrew Boon
I am sorry about the long-time lack of updates on 'Premium' side. Due to Dolphin 7.0 and 7.1 development we have been overloaded with the core work and had no news on anything Premium, but...

In just a few days we plan to bring some interesting news both on Dolphin and Trident projects that will only run in Premium Forums. We will, however change the "Access to Trident Blog" to "Access to Trident Info", since for the most part Trident project will be discussed in Premium forum. see more

Thos who feel that due to this delay their Premium Membership fees should be partially refunded, please send your claim to yoru AGent and they will issue a work out a fair refund amount with you.
No refund needed i just want the info..:)
Nathan Paton
I have been waiting for the information on Trident to be released before purchasing premium membership. If you will be keeping your promise this time on the release of information (because you have made this same promise numerous times), then you can expect another premium member on the block.
Magnussoft - I think that Andrew should GIVE you a membership seeing as it's mainly you and a few others that prop up the forums.

Nathan Paton
@DeeEmm: AlexT still needs money for his death ray. I won't deny him his favorite hobby.
I am curious about all the other stuff as well. All premium members are supposed to be able to access trac to post tickets. I got access when i became premium. I do know trak has a separate logon system, and you need to login to post. And it seems to be case sensitive on the login id as well as the password. Of course i could be wrong. May not have anything to do with case sensitivity.
ya, i just bought a permanent license a month back and it seems my premium status has expired soon... hmm, let me see what happens
"In just a few days we plan to bring some interesting news both on Dolphin and Trident projects that will only run in Premium Forums. We will, however change the "Access to Trident Blog" to "Access to Trident Info", since for the most part Trident project will be discussed in Premium forum. "

That was posted 8 days ago, I can not find anything new?
Make that 14. Two weeks is about what I expected to wait on this.
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