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lrepton posted 8th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.


BEFORE asking a question....try a search of the forums....

Using ONE KEY WORD will bring up a larger amount of posts where you can browse to your hearts content; multiple words sometimes brings up nada or just a couple of posts. Also, be sure to mark the box "posts" as some of the "topics" users use are not very relevant for searching.

Yes I know, reading the posts may seem time consuming, but most of us (including moi) have spent countless hours reading through to solve the issue at hand.

THEN, if you haven't found your answer...ASK.

You can also search the blogs by using "explore".

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indeed, i think i have said this myself over 1000 times, but nobody gets the concept. they are in here and think well this is somewhere to post my issue. i could have halfway understood, until boonex put the notice on the blog, that they should not post support questions to the blog. they even check the box " I understand" well obviously they dont, and they continue to post to the blog. I think they should have to register to post on the blog, as a separate entity and have it reviewed by see more the moderators, which we seem to not have any of at the moment, and only then will their posts be posted to the blogs, if in fact it is blog content.

i also think it would help if blogs werent the first thing that a new user sees when they get to the site of but oh well just my thoughts. good post, and hopefully it will stick with some, others are just hopeless.

Hello DosDawg and lrepton...

I have searched the Forums but still I am unable to just unable to find any answers to 2 questions ...I was wondering u all had any suggestions..

1) How do i change the font size of text in the events box..i have tried
general and sdate luck...

2) the music button in my nav menu does not produce a sub menu and advice ...?

Thank you both for any direction on resolving this ..

I agree guys there is a ton of info in the forums both here and at expertzzz. Although unity seems to have overtaken expertzzz as the hot spot.

I think we see some blogs appear that should be in the forums, due to the fact that there is little or no moderation here. So most don't care, and the poster can possibly find there answer much easier. Blogs tend to stick around longer than forum posts, which get burried real fast.

So although most follow the rules you are going to see some regardless see more of the rules or disclaimer.

cheari, if you can't find it in the forum I'd post a new topic. I wouldn't reply to a blog here. Chances are you will see more happening there.

Just to thank you Irepton for the headstart on the site search tool. I actually never thought this tool can be of such immense help. All along, I have been trying to figure out how to edit the about us/privacy/terms of us/FAQ content without success. After ready this post I had to resort to the search tool and everything was revealed graceously.

Cheers my friends!
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