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elcentcom posted 7th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

Now BOONEX has made a rocking design for 7.02 which is really very much appreciated throughout the audiences. I will keep this style with a few alterations only (not going to reveal details).

BOONEX has quite a large number of members and the number will likely increase, why not call for a BOONEX Logo competition? I think it really needs a change. A good logo is crucial for branding and I think this is a good time for a positive change. Lets strip off all the bad memories that are often associated with a companie's logo and it will also attract a new line of prospected members/clients.

Boonex team should think about setting requirements for logo like vectorized, limits etc.

I don't want to sound to critical, but I couldn't resist to put in these thoughts.

Maybe some attractive prices in cash and/or premium memberships will do the trick.

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Nathan Paton
The BoonEx (notice how I do not scream it) logo has gone through a number of changes over the years, and this logo was only introduced recently with the launch of Dolphin 7. It seems far too soon to even begin thinking of another logo, but that's just my opinion. You may want to send Andrew a message about this, and see what he thinks.
Actually Magnus - the logo type is in capitals. Why not complain about spelling too?
Nathan Paton
@DeeEmm: I don't how spelling works into this. The typesetting of a logo is just for looks, it doesn't designate that the company is literally called "BOONEX." It's technically "Boonex," but BoonEx is the preferred choice. I suppose it boils down to marketing and style. For example, Yellowtab preferred going by "yellowTAB."
The point is - there is no point in making an issue of the capitalisation of words, or spelling, or mis-spelling, or any other small irrelevant thing.

This is one of those "deliberately useless remarks" that i referred to in Andrews blog post on the new rules and regulations. It serves only to cause an issue / bad feeling where there was previously none. It's posts like this that alienate new users, and give unity a bad reputation.

Not only this - but it makes you look like a condescending see more school teacher, which is ironic as your grasp of the english language is far from perfect. Please Google logotype, as I think you may have it's meaning confused.

Andrew Boon
Hm, I really like our current logo, no plans to change it.
Nathan Paton
@DeeEmm: I'm condescending and proud. As for you, you're the one highlighting things and trying to blow them out of proportion. If you want to ask me out to dinner, just do it and stop causing unneeded drama.
Magnus - I'm just calling you out that's all. The way I see it - Andrew is trying REALLY hard to address everyones concerns / bad feelings / etc here in Unity, and turn it into a decent support network. Unfortunately, there are just one or two that perpetuate the bad feelings, and you are one of them.

If you post unhelpful remarks - you should expect to receive flak in return.

It is not drama, and it's not blowing anything out of proportion. It is simply a response to your unnecessary (and see more insulting) sarcasm. It may be nothing to you to constantly take the piss out of people, but you need to learn that it is not okay. Show some respect.

Nathan Paton
@DeeEmm: I will be at The Saville. Dinner will be on you, of course.
Andrew, you're right from your point of view. I mentioned it because I observed very big sites/companies and how they pay a lot of attention to their logos, even when they look as simples as they can be.

There're interesting studies about logos and customer reactions. Some logos are right away rejected by mainly females and they are very unlikely to return to that site. I learned this way that it is sometimes the little things that make a big change.

I personally feel about the logo so-so. see more It would be interesting of what others think. I alway try to project these kind of things(logos) on a huge bill-board and watch people if they would be able to relate to it.
I could never get the association between dolphin and this software. They are not a community fish.

Logo's are for household names - nike, macdonalds, mercedes, apple - all of these companies have an instantly recognisable logo - the image is instantly associated with the brand / product.

Show someone a dolphin - and a very very small percentage of the populous will understand what it signifies. This is compounded by the fact that the name has nothing to do with the actual product or it's see more usage. It is a bit of a marketing fail.

IMHO unless you are a household name, or have the potential to be one, your product name should be related to the product - as should the logo. This increases peoples ability to associate the logo with the product which is, after all, the main aim.

But - branding is also a LOT more than simply a logo. It's also about colours, shapes, fonts, etc.. etc... The branding should be consistant throughout the product, it's advertising, emails and other correspondance, etc...

Sorry, but I for one, do not like the branding of Dolphin, it's simply to far removed from what it is.

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