Two more Tutorials on Caching + Doxygen

Andrew Boon posted 11th of November 2010 in News. 5 comments.

AlexT has just finished writing two more performance tutorial for Dolphin, focusing specifically on Caching Types and Cache Engines. Great read for Dolphin HOsting Providers and anyone savvy enough to tweak their server for optimal Dolphin performance.

Additionally, we are adding a Doxygen-based Dolphin source code reference, which would be automatically updated from current Dolphin source code every 24 hours.

Tutorial: Understanding Cache Engines

Tutorial: Caching Types

Dolphin Source Code Reference (Doxygen)



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Nice !!!!!!!!!!

Thank's for this Andrew Boon
Nathan Paton
Doxygen will be a welcomed addition. Thank you for working on this.
Very nice, thank you.

It seems Boonex has been listing and more importantly, ACTING, on community feedback.

For those that feel they are always ignored, here is an example of ask and you may receive (Doxygen):

And I'm really glad the other op-code cache object memory caches are now supported. I was confused and worried when an out dated version of eAccellerator was the best option. (For a single server, memcached is lower doto see more network delays)
i waiting the design template tutorial!!
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