Unity Improvement. Step II. Websites

AntonLV posted 29th of March 2010 in Boonex News. 12 comments.

We have a few problems with "Websites" section at Unity, mostly due to registrations and changes in code, etc. Could you please share your ideas on what are the most critical improvements or changes that should be done in "Websites".

P.S. The Step I is still active and if you find some error on Unity feel free to post it in Unity Improvement. Step I. Bugs because I continue to check all newly posted comments.

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1.Sort option required [by alexa, by Google PR, by member count, by visits, by license status]
2.Search option required to find websites with related operations, communicate amongst webmasters, share resource/mods/members etc
Thats enough for me to stay happy ;)
- Add option to remove own added websites from the Websites page.
- Uploaded image for website is not displayed
would be nice to add just a website (like: Company Web Site), but not only registred Dolphin web sites..)
as there are not only Dolphin users but also developers on Unity... i think it makes sense ;)
Definitely ability to delete my own websites as some have been moved or modified it's just inaccurate information at the moment.
I would have thought that the Market would be next in line for improvement. How many people really care about the websites section? I don't. The last time I visited one of the sites listed on unity, the site planted a RAT on my computer and created about 2 hours of extra work for me.

Of all the things to improve on this site, I would have put 'Websites' at the very bottom of the list. Meanwhile, the market is in disarray, and of all parts of this site, is the one thing that beckons for attention. see more I really would like to post a few jobs, but feel it's a waste of my time to do so.
I can't believe I am saying this, but Expertzzz was better then the current market! And Expertzzz was Pants!
100% agree witch HL, its not possible to edit or delete your own reviews as buyer. A overal search function would be priority.
<rant>The bugs and improvements from "Step 1" aren't done and you're bringing up "Step 2"?

I will never understand the logic behind 90% of the decision making of this site as long as I live. It serves only to frustrate the users as far as I can tell.

I would rather have 7.01 in my hands as opposed to more requests for improvement ideas (that don't happen anyways) </rant>
LeatherSportB expertzzz was a 1000 times better than this market..... Let any one using dolphin put a "good" site up.... any site using FAKE profiles should be removed.. if they are standard install put them in their own category... the list goes on.
see moreI know this has been mentioned already, but it really is an important issue... Proper moderation is essential for the websites section. No one wants to browse through a ton of base install sites and a ton of listings of fake profiles. More importantly those of us with 'real' sites are just going to be put off submitting it there, I certainly don't want my site associated with the vast majority of current listings. I think there should be some kind of benchmark to submit your site to begin with.
It will be good if you
1. add some music ap., when the message or letter will arrive to user
2. orca forums need some improve to full control for admin (delete not only topics, also whole topics section - not main folder)
fix most of bug's before, because it's more important to users.
I'd already posted this issue in my blog, but also I think it needed to post here.
3. Articles length should be more than 2k, for simple reason it's articles not messeges+ counter requed.
sorry for english.
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