Vote for the world's largest marine protected area!

Andrew Boon posted 22nd of November 2010 in Boonex News. 10 comments.

Within weeks the Australian government will make a key decision in creating the largest network of marine protected areas in the world, but it hangs in the balance.

We need to you to help persuade them to make the right decision.

At stake is critical habitat for more than 50% of the world's species of whales and dolphins and Australians are calling out for international help in making sure this decision goes the right way.

Click here to send an email to The Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for the Environment.

Your email could make all the difference.

Australia has one of the largest marine territories in the world. A huge variety of fish, dolphins, sharks, whales and seals live in the continent's spectacular submerged mountain ranges, deep sea canyons and reefs. These waters provide refuge for the magnificent blue, humpback, and southern right whales, as well as bottlenose, spotted and striped dolphins, to name a few.

However, right now they are unprotected, and with oil and fishing industries undermining moves to increase protection, the international community needs to take what action it can.

The Government will make its first major decision for the western region within weeks, and the decision will set the standard of protection that will then be applied to the rest of Australia's waters for the next 10 to 20 years. This protection can't come soon enough.

Be part of a historic decision! Please send an email today- it will only take you a few seconds and could make a world of difference for whales and dolphins.

Thank you.

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Nathan Paton
Funny. I was just thinking about the dolphin you adopted in celebration of a release.
Andrew Boon
It's the same organisation (WDSC) that's supporting the decision.
"We must do what we can to help Gods creatures....Please It took 1 man to save many from the flood in the bible, imagine what we can do now as a World!"

Was more then happy to send my 2 cents worth about Gods creatures.
it's really a great project - it must be

in my country in Corsica - it was created - a marine park and Nature Reserve

I can tell you that this is a great pride for us - and so important to the future

I hope your government will make the right decision

I just sent the email
I propose...
Boonex[unity] should Join
for the noble activities/thoughts you have...
Done since this is a good cause..

I'm obliged and therefore signed.
yeah the steve erwin can't do it alone !
Supported the action. Good case.
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