What's wrong with Boonex Site?

LightWolf posted 1st of November 2010 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

I can get into the forums, but when i click on a link it just shows a loading yellow bar on top of page and nothing happens. I can search but again can not click on any link to read it. ughhhhhhhhhh

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Forums are broken. Been a long time since the last post. Lets see how long it takes boonex to notice the forums don't work.
I'm having issues with the polls, a bug I think.. Was hoping to find a quick fix, but oh well.. Paitence is not only a virtue but a much needed ability to be a member here..lol
Deano did you get my FB request yet?
Nathan Paton
The forums partially work when you remove the "#" from the URLs. I don't know what they changed in the past 24 hours to cause this.
Nathan Paton
They've now fixed the issue, it seems.
Forums is fixed now.
Sorry for inconvenience.
glad to hear the forums are fixed. thanks AlexT
Heck I just thought everyone took a nap at the same time...
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