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DPC posted 11th of May 2010 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

As my last blog was deleted i would like to write here that i was not being disrespectful in any way. I loved working with John he was an unreal guy that had a real passion for perfection and what he did for my site was fantastic.

In the replies i was called names and the like for paying a lot for MODs i,m not looking to be ridiculed or mocked. and was told i had no respect.

I have nothing but my sincerest respect and condolences for Johns Family and know what they are going through.

I also have my own predicament.... I have unfinished work that i need to have finished as i have started a SEO campaign to promote the site i wish to finish it. I am not a big business just a Family man with 3 kids of my own and a regular day job.

It is a big job that needs more than 5 minutes to build what i paid seems to cause an outrage so i will not state how much i paid.

Others wrote i could wait to show some respect but the thing is i can not wait i really need the work done as the SEO campaign is costs thousands every month.

I need a GREAT person to help me finish my site "not for free"

to buckmcgoo it was not a typo that was the price i paid and John had spent well over 60hours on it so far that i know of and it is not finished.

So i ask not to be persecuted here or publicly crucified as my partner and i are in a real panic of how to finish the site.

I am looking for someone who can put themselves into Johns work as the start is fantastic.

Funny thing is john told me not to pay till i was satisfied with his work.......

Regards Patrick

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does it mean that you have still not paid anything for the work?
If that is the case, you can somehow send the money for the part of work he did to his family, and get the work continued from someone else.

Just a thought.
I paid in full and am not going to ask for the money back i just need to find someone to finish what john started.
Ok. Maybe you can wait for a couple of days, and talk to the person who posted on John's blog.

If you want some other programmer, there are many at Unity.
i hid the post it was not deleted. i found it to be inappropriate and very distasteful. where i can say that John McGrew would not be considered my friend, he was a person who I taught a great deal. I sympathize with your loss in regards to what you paid, but a little courtesy on your part would have been received a great deal better than using the time to try to worry about ones self.

I think that was self-centered and disrespectful of you.

John was a real good online mate we shared many laughs and had many lenghthy conversations his work was always of the best standards this being said,
I appologize for what came accross disrespecttful as it was in no way ment to be... My situation is that my wife are in a predicament where we now need to find a solution.
I was more in shock at the time of my last post and my words where maybe not very well chosen so please do delete it.
Regards Patrick
Andrew Boon
Patrick, please write specific details of about your dealings to John's contacts and tell them that we at BoonEx offer to finish the job, if there's something left and was paid for. Maybe they could also forward what has been done already. John contributed a lot to BoonEx Unity and we would try to put no extra burden on to his family now. Ask for the info and permissions and we'll settle the rest.
Hi Andrew
Thanks for your reply i will wait a few weeks before asking Kathy to look after my needs but if i know John he will have a folder with the incompleted work very well organized on his PC. once i have the rest of the work i would love to get some help to get my head around it and complete it.
The Mod was a very big part of my site Called the NIght Guide offering Members the option not only to find a date but somewhere to go. The basics has been installed on my site like a business directory see more where Clubs, Bars night clubs cinemas resturants could advertise then be seachable via post code or location
for the members.... Lets say you want to go to hear a live band you could put in your post code and live band and it would bring you the options closest to you.
There is more to it then that but that it the basics there is the splitter needed in the join page so members and businesses can join.
I posted this job last year on expertzzz where it was given to a coder that did it for 600 then told me they lost the data but refunded my money then I met John who laughed at me for paying so much then I asked him too quote it for me when i explained what i wanted he sat dwon and came back to me with a plan to do it in 5 stages each costing $550 i paid for the first 3 and they got done asap I then paid for stage 4 and 5 that have never been done.
So as you may see this is not a 30 dollar mod that I am worried about and I in now way wish to be disrepectful don,t get me wrong I got on with John like good mates do it was a pleasure to have him do the work and he will be missed on my part like i cannot even begin to describe.
The offer you have made here to me means more then you can imagin as I am not a big cashed up firm it is just me and my wife trying to setup small family run business.
Regards Patrick
Andrew Boon

When tie is right and you have the data, email me.
ok thanks Andrew much appreciated
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