Wondering about D7

TruckingSpace posted 7th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

 I was wondering while I was looking around. I saw alot about D7 and how much different it is going to be from 6. I really started to think if it will be possible to integrate everything we have already. Like mods and styles we bought, will it work without putting in weeks and weeks of work without knowing you'll make it work.. Also, what effect will it have on members.
It's looking really good and I can't wait for it to be released, but it will be alot of change. Also wondering if the deadline is going to be made, without having too much problems.. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, but it's a good change from what I've seen now.

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My guess is it will be unlikely that very many if any mods for D6 will work on D7.

As for the member database, i dont think there will be a problem. A way to upgrade the database will most likely be provided by boonex.
I really did not think the mods would work but it seem to be well worth it anyways.
Some mods for Dolphin 6 will become a standard feature in Dolphin 7 so a small part of the current mods will be found on D7.. The upgrade I'm sure it will be possible for every standard D6 feature.. but I really don't think that the 3rd party mods will still be compatible.. they will surely need to be adapted for the new backbone of Dolphin 7..
That will work. Guess there will be more after it does come out anyways.
Dolphin will be combining Ray and Orca into one single package with Dolphin, imagine with one single license. Dolphin 7 ... wow

1. New design.
2. New layout.
3. New menu structure!
4. Completely re-built profiles, browsing pages, content search and user search systems.
5. Wall (think Facebook)
6. New integrated Flash widgets (some are very exciting).
7. Desktop agent based on Adobe AIR.
8. Iphone APP for your site users.
9. Google OpenSocial integration.
10. Re-structured media sharing see more components.
11. New live feeds, AJAX loaders, spies, notifications, trackers.
12. All new user accounts.

much much more !!!!!!

this is going to create huge waves in the waters so dolphin lovers can watch the action unfold once it gets released, rest assured I will wait until it gets released and every day i check on this blog system 4 times just to make sure I aint missing anything.
Isn't it already all in one license. I mean I know it will take a bit to clean it all up as the posts have been saying. But that was what everyone was in a frency a few weeks back about. The new licenses.

I know it will be great and looking for any new info everyday. LOL.. The first thing I do every morning is look at: http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/roadmap to see what is new.

Thanks for the great reply.
From what I've read YES 1 license should be for the complete dolphin 7.0a that's coming soon.
What´s strange is that even though D6.15/6 do work under a single license, there are still 2 folders named RAY and ORCA which contain that: ray stuff and orca stuff.
I think that goes against any webmaster´s intention to hide the script behing his/her site or client´s site. Everytime you access the forum a big ORCA FORUM SCRIPT comes up as the title of the site... Something to be fixed, I guess.
I know all our members will love the way D7 works. Just cant wait to see it...
I know you are right.. It will all be great..
For me as long as the chat ( audio/video ) and all the other basic services through out the software work I swear I will be in Heaven's glory once 7.oa comes out onto the shelves for us to download!

I will also take advantage and intergrate my present forum into the orca, supposively this should be easy to add into 7.oa so man this will be really really sweet if and when this is released and things will be so much easier to add.....
You really wont know for sure until it's made public. Usually if you go from a major release change like 6.0 to 6.1 many mods don't work anymore without alteration. If it's the same series 6.1.1 to 6.1.4 then they usually work as it's based on the same release. So if you are concerned about mods working I wouldn't count on them, without some kind of alteration. We really don't know for sure until we can download this and see the code.
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