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VictorT posted 29th of March 2010 in . 14 comments.

After all discussions which took place not so long ago in Unity, we were still getting reports/claims again and again. So, we have decided to open the new Unity Forum section called "Disputes", the place where you can publicly open your dispute.


We have set an initial list of specific rules for that section. Please consider them!! A judgement will be considered after all debates.

You may suggest the probable items for this specific list of rules for the "Dispute" section. Please try to keep them specific, short and concrete. If you have posted your suggestion, it does not mean that it will be accepted at once. We will update this list of rules according to the demand and precedents.

You are welcome to leave your feedback and suggestions in comments.

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This is going to be interesting to say the least! :D
nice attempt...
god knows how its going to be...
a Separate Job Section would be nice if you can consider that too.
Nathan Paton
And the floodgates open.
And all who is going to violate the Rules will get their penalty as warning, ban or suspension.
Well, it's not a dispute with anyone in particular ... but how about if BOONEX confronted the folks at SWR due to the reason that apparently MANY people have been ripped off with false charges by said company? I feel that Boonex should take some responsibility here since I wrote a post about this issue, including screenshots which proved the rip-off (not to mention comments by others who'd been ripped off too).

I was irritated at the fact that Boonex never commented in that post, nor took a stand see more for its members. As far as I'm concerned that SWR rip-off scheme is scandalous because if more people don't complain and/or if Boonex won't do anything about it, then they'll go right on continuing, ripping people off ... and we're talking tens of thousands of dollars (maybe even more) globally, each and every year! Allowing this to happen by being in some kind of a business relationship with SWR is obviously also a reflection on Boonex itself ...
I am not sure if I get you right, sorry. I will appreciate if you share and send me some info regarding this issue via PM. So we will look at it more closer.

Kindly let me know.
Is that the section where we all bash Buxton161/KMD?
Bashing, name calling, flame wars will find its penalty, as I said from it can be warning which can lead to account suspension or even ban. No matter which name and where you call or bash it.

General Unity Rules are applied overall the site.
I will tell you all how it will be: MADNESSS.. bad move Boonex.. you still have to learn those "dispute" things and how they must be handled.. Disputes must be solved in private (reporter vs reported vs boonex), anything else is a cheap show..

Some one could write a big lie in the forums and then let the bomb explode, but the reported person will still suffering as long as the lie is visible in the forum.. you know what they say.. you must first consider people as innocent until proof.. see more but in this case your image is deteriorated forever.. Boonex style..

This is just a way for Boonex to sit back and let the community "administrate" it's self.. Boonex I believe it's time to get serious and responsible for your website..
Someone could write a big lie in private conversation too, no matter if this is reporter or reported. And nobody is insured against that, right?

So, we all can see and make sure every party of the "show" is at its place with their agrument when it comes to public dispute.

We have set the initial rules, that the sensitive info is to be shared with BoonEx Administration. But general debates are to be held in "Disputes" Forum section.

We have some examples of such cooperation see more not so long ago.

OK? :)

P.S. We appreciate YOUR valuable feedback :)
I do hope your reply is all serious.. I feel you get anything like a joke.. and is not the case..
From my own experience such disputes will only be resolved by the sole decision of Andrew.. I mean the rest of the moderators/administrators/agents don't even dare to think to a solution.. not to mention to apply it.. You guys need to learn take action without boss's feedback.. I personally have to thank Andrew which solved my problem in the end but I think the Agents should have more authority around see more here if you want to achieve anything with that forum..
VictorT ... I'll send you a copy via pm too but there should be no need for that.
This here is the post in question:


Now mind you, there's something else that I'd totally spaced out since I was so irate about this ripoff scam. SWR is a .ORG domain. Well guess what? .ORG is a domain ending out of the US that's generally used and reserved for non-profit organizations, churches, foundations, and so on. see more Yet these people are not only clearly making money, but they're also clearly ripping people off. I don't understand how a reputable company, the likes of Boonex, ever got hooked up with such a shady service? Didn't you guys have some members in several other countries with which you could test the service first .... ???
Places like Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, and so on? I know that I sure would, if my reputation was involved with another online business.
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