Affiliate Commission Raised

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of October 2011 in Boonex News. 9 comments.

Good news for BoonEx affiliates - we're raising the referral commission level from 5% to 15%. Minimal payout is now $300, so affiliates need to generate at least $300 to get paid. Payments are sent once a month via PayPal.



Dolphin Users Can Do It Too!

Dolphin is pre-configured to allow changing BoonEx footers links to affiliate links via admin panel (Admin Panel > Settings > Advanced Settings > Variables > My BoonEx Affiliate ID). So, even if you use a free Dolphin license, you may start earning money by signing up as an affiliate and changing the setting. We've noticed that those simple links in clients sites tend to work even better than promoted links in affiliate portals. People just see you site and think - "Hm, this looks cool - maybe I could create something like this for my idea…" and seeing your link in footer they proceed to eventually buying a Dolphin license. Just one commission could repay for your $99 Permanent Licence investment instantly.


Sign up as a BoonEx Affiliate





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Thats nice Andrew. Thanks
i am new ! can you please explain it better ?
Andrew Boon
see more1. BoonEx sells licenses and license/service packages.

2. We offer affiliate program, so if you promote our products you may receive a 15% commission from every sale.

3. Even if you don't have a website to promote Dolphin you can just use your Dolphin-based site - just configure the footer links via admin panel and watch your commissions coming. People that like your site may be interested to check what is the software behind it and you'd make some money if they every buy something from us.
I am a new registered
you can add a black banner 729x90
Andrew Boon
Try this meanwhile:
Yabut paypal???? I hate those douches. Any other way?
Ya ok they nuked my account for a stupid tos violation relating to adult oriented crap
i should have got commsion which i dont see.. i bought one for myself under my id
Why the affiliate program and links don't work ? 502 bad gateway from yesterday ??? :)
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