All-New Google Maps in Dolphin 7.1 Osho

Andrew Boon posted 29th of August 2012 in News. 18 comments.

AlexT has re-factored and updated his WorldMap plugin and donated it to the default Dolphin 7.1 Osho package. The new Google Maps use current Google integration API and integrate with location-sensitive content modules (profiles, events, groups, etc). With the new Maps you'll notice updated interface, better performance and overall closer integration with Dolphin. Location on the map is automatically set using content's location fields data, and can be manually updated via interactive location editing interface. 


Here's how the main "World Map" block looks (you can use this one on the homepage or as a "Search" option)...


Multiple content items that happen to share the exact same location are automatically grouped (even if they're from different modules)...


Here's how Maps plugin works within a specific module (in this case - Groups)...


It will also show the user location in profile, like so...


Location editing is very intuitive - just click to the new spot to relocate the marker...


Admin Settings

One thing you can be sure about when dealing with Alex's work is that backend is powerful and thought-out, even if front-end looks simple, as it should. 

In Maps admin you can adjust settings for all modules or for each module specifically. Also you can update locations display data for any content that was added before the new Maps installation...


So, with this done, we're basically at the point when we only need to update the Ads module, fix a bunch of long-standing little issues (mostly in media modules) and add [one little secret/surprise feature] before the BETA release. We're on it at "full-throttle" and will update you along the way, so stay close!

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So, AlexT === kolimarfey?

You learn something new every day around here
Andrew Boon
Yeah, you could see him on the kolimarfey profile photo and in our team videos.
It's hard to tell who the Boonex team is made up of these days. You guys should keep an up to date Bio page on this site.
according to the video, it is "all of us"
a lot of good news
Congratulations to the whole team, I recommend you do a version 7.1 public
running in a way to have a Bank of continuous testing,
not that is recharged every 24 hours
no reset
This was done on and on before, but for some unknown reason the demo site is now reset every 30 minutes.
perhaps because of safety concerns??
I do not believe, surely implement a working demo version with the complete structure set in a perfect way to test and see the unmodified product with third parties.
of course with a lot of content and tests made ​​by customers.
if the system is solid, there should be no problems to realize a structure that does not always resets.
It is very easy to use the dev version of SVN on your local server.
? I suggested to create a working demo version
I did not ask where the version 7.1
Great for stalkers LOL
But now if our website has a lot of traffic, Google API is not free.
This article about Google Map API fee's should ease your mind. Unless you're part of the .35% of websites that exceed the limit for 90 consecutive days.
Andrew Boon
As cnbarry rightly noted this is only an issues when your site is REALLY rolling, which would already solve your concerns about funding GoogleAPI use.
Amazed at the changes happening.
curious as usual. I'm sure the World Maps icon is not going to remain a "Jet" for the "Ad" icon; that looks very "off" from the start.
Thanks for maps update. I needed that :D
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