Blogs Revamp in Dolphin 7.1 Osho (UPDATE: Small Calendar)

Andrew Boon posted 28th of May 2012 in News. 29 comments.

Dolphin is getting increasingly popular as a content generation social networking platform, and we see Blogs as one of the most important modules now. So, in 7.1 we've improved them quite a bit, and yet not too much, to make sure 3rd party mods still work well. Here's what to expect:


Post Snippet 


The way snippets are formatted and displayed is one of the major factors that influence your site's popularity. Mostly it is known to affect pageviews-per-visitor metric, because users get to open and read more posts if snippets are engaging. 

So, to liven-up the snippets we added photo-thumbnails, increased front sizes, removed clutter and added some "negative space" to focus attention.



As you may see the thumbnails go to the right side, as it turns out to be the most favourable way to keep things in order, especially when in some posts thumbnail images are not present. We also removed most of the meta information to scrub off noise. 


The Post


The main post block is also much more neat now. Post image is moved to the right, duplicate block title fixed, default fonts and spaces increased for better readability. 



The post is still created using TinyMCE editor, so rich text formatting and media embedding features are there for your site members to play with.


Post Page


The entire page of a blog post has been rearranged. It now has a more "classic" layout with post and comments on the left and all the meta data on the right. Again, this is done to make sure the most important content is prominently separated from any information mishmash that all those categories, action buttons, tags and author bio typically add. 



Perfectionists among you may consider cleaning the page even more by removing "rate", "categories" and "tags" blocks via Page Builder, if need be.


Blogs Homepage


The main page in blogs module features just posts and top blogs. "Blogs" snippets that you see on the right side received updated avatar display style, plus we removed "Description" word to save some space (a subtle change that somehow made a big difference).



Pagination system now has a new set of default "Per page" settings that just make more sense - it's "10, 20, 50, 100, 200" now instead of "5, 10, 15, 25".


Next Up


There are some other things coming to blogs (social sharing and "liking" buttons and some cosmetic improvements), but we'll cover them in more detail later - they're not blogs-exclusive, anyway.

That's that... we will be sharing more details about specific changes that we make in 7.1 to make sure you're not caught by surprise when updated version becomes available, and also to explain rationale behind everything we add, change or remove. Next up, we'll be talking about "Photos". Stay tuned!




And just a couple of hours after this note was posted we added a new little feature - a new block with a "compact" calendar, that you can use on side column in different pages. We expect to use it in different modules, too.



 Dates with large number links show that that number of posts was posted. Simple, and looks great!




Dolphin 7.1 is a "near-term" update that should be available relatively soon. It is being designed to be highly compatible with Dolphin 7.0.9 and upgrade script will be provided. Dolphin licenses will work just as well with Dolphin 7.1 as they do with 7.0.9, because they are permanent and not version-specific. We recommend to make a buying decision about Dolphin license ASAP, since we may have to increase Dolphin license when 7.1 is released. 

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very sexy! how about ...

1.improving the forums :)
2.getting rid of the avatar module (d6 was simple upload a photo and have the option to set it as main profile pic.)
3.getting rid of the blue pad locks (if something is set to private then it shouldn't be visible anywhere) with the new layout why not have the possibility to add rows and not just columns.

Thank you.
I agree those are important issues
Alan Stewart
I really like idea number 4..... nothing against the other ideas but n 4 would give us a huge amount of flexability
very very very very nice layout :-)

I love it :-)
Glad to see that blogs are getting attention... please do the same with forums and chat... then you guys are onto a real winner....
Well we have a beta?
Nathan Paton
Every release so far has had a beta or two, so 7.1 shouldn't be any different.
Hi Andrew,
is the template gonna be part of the 7.1 release?
(Looks quite similar to mine.. :) )
Nathan Paton
Seeing as how that's the new tmpl_uni, it will be.

I agree with prolaznik and many others - please do not forget about the forums with 7.1, there is much to be desired in this area and many communities revolve around them.
It will put a limitation in MB / GB or minute in terms of video / music to better control the flow and not have an overloaded server to the new version of dolphin
This keeps getting better. Keep it up.
As some one who believes "content is king" I am happy to see improvements in blogs presentation.

Looks good, significant improvement over current blogs.

With the new template layout, will that work with most market templates or will they need re writting for 7.9?
Nathan Paton
From what I've seen, templates will need to be updated.
This template looks beautiful.....:)
Alan Stewart
Is there any schedule or forecast on when we can expect 7.1? Even a tentative guess would help us plan.
Agree. No mention about a even tentative release window. 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? Anything would help.
Andrew Boon
Depends on how many modules would have to be overhauled, which isn't clear yet. We are optimistic, though and expect it to take much less than 3 months.
The template is nice. I am checking it out now. Testing blogs too. Waiting to see what 7.1 brings us.
Nathan Paton
In other news, OpenSocial has been nuked from orbit (I'm sure users will be upset at the loss of their Flash clocks) and the ShrinkTheWeb integration has been overhauled. More at '11.
Andrew Boon
Since Google kicked it out, OpenSocial failed to gather any momentum. Developments at are interesting, and may be applicable in some future incarnations of what we're building, but at this stage it's just another geek tech nobody seems to care about. And this makes it a burden in Dolphin, so we nuked it.
Andrew Boon
Yes, guys, we will work on forums, too!
That is possibly the best and most over-due news of all.
It's nice to see forums is on the radar. I think it's realistic to wrap up forums after updating the 7.1 update and hopefully with the 8.0 release. I would be impressed if the 8.0 release included a mobile forum integration.

To be honest, I don't feel comfortable launching my site until the forums is overhauled because it lacks ease of use and organization.

I wish there were a way to just integrate a phpBB forum to the Dolphin website.
I really like the direction Dolphin is heading! On a smaller scale can you please let us get rid of the days stamp on everything? Or at least give us some optional control? I have videos posted "487 days" ago and it just doesn't look good. Thoughts?
Great work on the blogs. I really like to new look. Can you tell me if you have any plans to update the chat?
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