BoonEx Is Now A Responsible Teenager

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of September 2013 in Boonex News. 17 comments.

We've turned 13! Seriously! BoonEx is thirteen, by our count. Not too shabby for a tech company, yet still not even half-way of where we expect to be. The day catches us in the heat of the developing, designing and analysing. BoonEx has changed a lot over years, but the idea and the mission is the same - we are uniting people

Now, the Internet, the people and the times have all changed quite a bit, too. End-users became so much more sophisticated, while web-masters lean towards simplicity; screens are small again, but they pack 4-times the pixels of what the old 30-inchers had, while sitting in our pockets; everyone has a Facebook account, yet hardly anyone trusts big sites anymore. The web is maturing, or, perhaps, ripening before transcending to something new. Where is BoonEx among all that?

BoonEx is still at the core of what we have always been doing - development of independent community software. Something you can take, play with, explore and use to bring your very own idea to fruition. BoonEx is about empowering enthusiasts; giving opportunity to niche out and build an equivalent of mom-and-dad local business that everyone loves. We gradually make Dolphin more and more powerful, while keeping it simple and accessible. We are now focusing even more on delivering the opportunity to the hands of less tech-savvy people. We make it possible for thousands of Dolphin-based social networks to co-exists - web-masters can take unique approaches; customise their sites as they want; extend functionality with the help of BoonEx Market and localise to any language. Web-masters breathe life into Dolphin, making it special every time. Webodiversity.    

The Internet has been designed as a decentralised and free system. It has, however, largely turned in to oligopoly of a handful of corporations that sell it all out (throwing in our personal data). Product like Dolphin is more relevant and needed than ever. All we need is to make sure it stays open, available and independent. Oh, and we should keep on making it better. Day in and day out, as we do.


Thank you, team, for believing and trying hard! Thank you, community, for trusting and trying!


You're the future! 

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Happy Birthday and I look forward to see what this adolescent has in store for us :)
it is true that there have been many changes in recent years

but dolphin should be even easier
those who register on our sites, do not have the patience to learn

for example :
Take a person who does not know much dolphin
ask this person to register on a site
ask him to add a profile photo (Profile Photo)
ask him to change photo
watch the time it will take him to make the change (if he can do it)

and see more he will make yet few clicks to change the avatar
really too many complications

I can add other actions on the site I find not simple and not user-friendly
Hi, I recommend you have the user to jump to the Quick links dashboard immediately and skip Avatar after sign up. See AntonLV re-direct below.
"ask him to add a profile photo (Profile Photo)
ask him to change photo
watch the time it will take him to make the change (if he can do it)

and he will make yet few clicks to change the avatar"

Thought you wanted to speed up the registration process by skipping the photo process.
you need to read the entire message
Happy Birthday Boonex and big thank you to Andrew and team for putting all the effort behind Dolphin. It's turning out to be an amazing platform especially since 7.1 release. The only advice would be to stop adding new features for a while and concentrate more on stabilizing the core and building an eco-system around it like more popular sites using Dolphin, more docs, more tools for developers, stable code base, seo etc. Thanks again :)
How about taking care of your customers!!!!
We always do our best to take care of all our customers :)
Happy Birthday and here hoping for many more to come. Ugh, the teenage years LOL.
Happy Birthday Boonex.
I always loved the way boonex works...
I Wish Boonex to consider to release a non-community quality software like BitrixSoft CMS and DNN Evoque and Kayako Like inbuilt ticketing system and Windows Apps and HTML5 breed of apps
An Open source DotNet Fork would be so welcomed by Enterprises to use dolphin as intranet.
All these expectations are just because of the "Quality" of product and support from boonex.
I congratulate boonex team, mods, market publishers and see more other cops over here who keeps boonex community in a strict order and clean :)
Happy Birthday to you ;)
Happy Birthday to you, Dolphin!
Does this mean Dolphin is about to go through some teenage strops!... ;-)
Andrew Boon
Well... it is certainly going through a major transformation now. We hope to avoid major tantrums though. ;)
A very wise message for a teenager :D

.. congratz team and thanks for all the brain involved and hard work into those 13 years...
yes, we are the future so we must also implant future engaged tech into boonex technology!
the app solution must be a focus as the internet is also in devices, pocket networking social app :)

very inspiring you guys!
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