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CALTRADE posted 6th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I have to give my complements to Boonex on the new ticket system   There needs to be some way for issues that get "stuck" in the forums to get more serious help.  I had some trouble getting a ticket accepted in the paid system but Boonex recently changed this to a free system.   I didn't think I would get a response but Igor, Alex, Leonid, Sasha, and other Boonex employees seem to take these issues seriously.   I've managed to get a few issues that were open on the forums for months fixed there, and they don't seem to be closing tickets until they are really fixed.

For the record, I never was against paid support.  I thought $5 per ticket was reasonable if it really could get some old issues addressed.  Before you open a ticket, I would try really, really hard to resolve it on the forums, and be sure to include complete access information - FTP, Control Panel, and Admin password.  

Good job Boonex people!


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Andrew Boon
BoonEx is a small team focusing on software development. We do not provide direct technical support for site-specific issues. We recommend that you seek for an answer in Forums, Jobs and Documentation. As a general rule, we only accept sales-related questions and bug reports that apply to our software in general and can be reproduced on our demo sites. If issues described in the ticket clearly relate to the specific site setup, modifications, non-BoonEx installation or performance we can not follow see more up on them as we dont' have the capacity to provide individual technical support.

If you have posted a Note or Forum post and have not received a satisfactory public reply, feel free to post the LINK to your post as ticket for BoonEx to investigate. We strive to respond to public enquiries, even technical, since they can be re-used by other members in the future and can be incorporated into Documentation.

With that said, I am happy to hear the new ticket system seems to work better and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

We are happy help, we just hope to see as much of the support discussion being reused as possible, so it needs to be public.
Andrew - I was specifically talking about people who have tried to get support on the forums, and have not succeeded. Several of the tickets I entered resulted in Trac tickets being written for fairly serious issues that had somehow gone unnoticed till now. That is why people want you to finish this product first - many things are still broken. I also think this product has a really serious implementation problem - not enough sites are successful because they get stuck on these bugs. We know you see more are focused on "software development" - believe me, we know that way too well. It is much more fun to go onto the next product even if the current one is broken in many ways, and even though just as many flaws will be created in the new version, before you go on to the next version. I know for a fact that many people who have been here for years have never had a properly working site.
Andrew Boon
Yes, in cases when the issue is posted in Forums and isn't resolved for some time - we definitely welcome posting a ticket and we'd reply in Forums. Just as an "attention call" of sorts it would help us a lot.
see moreI see an issue about people not being able to use the BIRTHDATE feature in almost every version of Google Chrome. The birthdate feature doesn't work on my site either, so about half of my visitors cannot sign up. When do you expect a fix to this? That is a lot of people inconvenienced, and is a BOONEX issue to fix, not all the paying customers like me. Please give me some ray of hope.

Here is the thread: (and I have the latest up to date Chrome on my laptop)
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