Consolidated Links and Tools for Handy Content Posting in Dolphin 7.1

Andrew Boon posted 26th of August 2012 in News. 27 comments.

Perhaps the most important usability improvement in Dolphin 7.1 comes in a form of a unified " + " (Add New...) drop-menu in floating member panel and an improved media upload system that now allows uploads without going into desired album, or without creating an album in advance. 

Oh, and if the above sentence has too much lingo for you, here's a human-friendly explanation...


Importance of Easy Reach

You want your site members to post and share a lot of useful, unique content on your site, as regularly as possible. Very often such activity is based on impulse - people want to post now, and the next minute they don't care about it. So, it is our goal to capture the moment and provide the tools on our sites to let them post easily, be it a blog post, bunch of image, video or whatever else. 

Many social networks realised importance of keeping posting tools handy and now we see those "plus" buttons or direct posting forms everywhere - Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, etc. 

Interestingly, the process of posting doesn't necessarily need to be very concise - it can take a few steps, if required, but it is indeed very important to bring user to the task of posting as quickly and easy as possible. 


Add New...

Dolphin 7.1 now has a handy new thingy in member menu, which looks like this...



Obviously, clicking any of the options brings user to the content posting form - no need to go into the module, create albums, or dig into the destination category. All that can be done during the posting process, when user is already "invested" and won't drop out easily.


... Photo, Video, Forum Topic

While the process of posting some content has always been relatively simple, photos and videos were a bit crippled by requirement to create an album first. This had even our own testers confused sometimes. In Dolphin 7.1 we've added the (already mentioned - #8) direct topic creation, and now we are also including a smarter upload interface, which will let users create or select destination albums during upload process. It looks like this...



And if they choose an option to "Create New Album" it would look like this...



As you may see it will suggest the album name by taking the upload date and will let you choose privacy setting before proceeding to files upload.


All in all, these subtle improvements should greatly improve success rate of content posting, especially among member that are new to the site and are yet to "muddle through" to their preferred ways of making sense of the site user-interface.  We've run a few quick tests with our lab rats friends and families and can confidently tell that along with the improved social interaction features these changes will surely boost the most significant site performance metric of them all - user engagement. Stay tuned!


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Once again I'm the first;)

No doubt Mr Andrew everything is running great, I encantal the idea of the new button in the user menu, and we are closer to the release of the new version.

Keep it up, everything is running very well, congratulations.
I really like seeing the "Add New" become a default item in of the templates I tested had this, and when I settled on a different template, not having the Add New kept bugging me. All these little tweaks add up to a lot of's always nice to be able to bark about improvements- It's gonna be awesome when we get to bite! I'm not even gonna ask when we'll be able to show it off....Gawd I hope we don't have to wait much longer! 7.1 is looking so awesome!
Nice nice, but you forgot to add the download link :)
wow, you did a great job guys!
Where will the settings for client side image resizing be?
Andrew Boon
Somewhere in Admin > Settings, when we have client-side image resizing that is. :)

Seriously though, we've evaluated and so far can't commit to adding this to 7.1. Don't like the Flash option and browser options are a bit unstable yet. We're watching how the situation develops.
FB manages to do it. (I hope you know how much it pains me to cite Facebook.)
One of these days, I'll have to pop on over to Australia, and shake you guys up a bit.
haha, U funny man... It can probably find a cheap chinese machine to do that for you withourt going to australia. ;-)
I Meant "You can".. not "It Can"
Much needed change! Can't get over the massive improvements from 7.0 to 7.1
Thanks for the hard work!
Very very nice :-)
Thank you BoonEx for your great and hard work :-)
Awesome ! ... Man you guys are really on it , I must admit dolphin 7.1 is shaping up to be a true champion .
One thing tho, I was wondering if you could make it easier to add custom popups to the user menu ?
Like i know you can already add links to the user menu , but from my experience the links just open in another tab in the browsers , It would be awesome if it was easy to add anything i needed ( maybe a youtube video ) in a popup like the default user menu items . Im not trying to ask for see more to much , as i dont know how simple or difficult that would be to add . All in all dolphin 7.1 is looking great !!!
Andrew Boon
You can use JS calls/links in menus that will trigger scripts like pop-ups if needed. Naturally, since it may be anything we don't provide such scripts, but you can get them elsewhere and call them up from the menu.
seeing the privacy settings in the screenshot above begs an even more important question:

have privacy settings in Dolphin 7.1 been streamlined to make them both understandable and functional?

this has been a major pain in Dolphin despite what some have asserted
yes, we already simplified privacy settings by default
excited to see this in action
hi is it worth me creating a site if there is a new version being released soon
Do you mean practice till 7.1 is released
yes.. working with a demo site is a good practice anyway, lets you test before you take it to your live site. [edit]most of the functions and modules are the same, the admin panel is totally different in 7.1
sounds very good i like boonex its so advanced and fun, thanks for your reply. i thought the modules were going to be updated in version 7.1 as the posts show or is that for other releases.
hi can anyone help will Dolphin 8.0 be available this year or are we looking at 2013 and beyond. many thanks , i want to create a site but when will the best time be.
hi do you think 7.1 will be soon , thanks
this is great. but have you changed something about simple messenger ? i mean just hovering above any random person and being able to send then an IM is kinda creepy for the person receiving the IM. has any change bought in the privacy settings of chat and messenger or something ?
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