Dolphin 7.0.9 BETA 2

Andrew Boon posted 20th of January 2012 in News. 10 comments.

Several bugs were discovered in Beta 1, so here is Beta 2.


IMPORTANT: Do not update your live sites with this BETA. It is not meant for production yet and there will be no update pack from this beta. Just test it on a test installation.


Dolphin 7.0.9 Beta 2 Demo -

Download -

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sure why not after xxx installations now i can do this blindfolded :)
I check the beta version its ok , but I am pretty much confuse to view the registration page specially on the City box , its should be look like a country drop down menu , user can put bla bla bla in cities so its should be a drop down menu as like country , when user select USA all the cities of USA comes ,,, when user select Germany all the cities of Germany comes ,,, when user select UK all the cities of UK comes ,,, thats it
agree,, and they using this funtion and auto cities by member IP
tomakali is so so simple and its awesome. was a junk website still their "pets" thing is super hot still...
Looks really good, the software is coming up in good shape now...thanks for the great work!!!
but how do we create a multilingual site if the categories can be used only with ONE language?
small bug but big problem if you create a sit multlngua
Andrew Boon
Not a bug. We've been tinkering this many many many times. Category names are content - not interface text, and thus may not be translated. In most (if not all) use-cases translated categories make no sees, because they still have to lead to certain content, which may not be posted in different languages.

Say, your users publish blog posts about "mushrooms"... If you translate the "Mushrooms" category and get somewhere to click on the link in, say, Russian language - they'd see more expect posts in Russian, but they'd get the whole mix. Translated category would imply translated content. Moreover, there's a slew of semantic issues with choosing categories when they're available in different languages. User categories may not be translated by definition. Etc, etc. The only natural way to tackle this is to create multiple categories using different languages, but not translating same categories.
Sorry Andrew but I not understand this, wouldn't it be simpler to introduce language keys when they are created the categories.
Andrew Boon
It would be simple, but it wouldn't be enough and it wouldn't always work, unfortunately.
Andrew i tried this ;)
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