Dolphin 7.0.9 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 24th of January 2012 in News. 29 comments.

We're going to have a very busy year. BoonEx pipeline is full of upcoming updates, small and large, for D7 and D8, for BoonEx and Unity, for Mobile Apps and Licensing Policies. It's a great time to track on what's up at BoonEx, since a whole lot of stuff is going to happen.


Today, we're releasing one more "service" update, making sure that D7.0.x works perfectly. We have some exciting plans for at least 3 bigger updates for D7 this year (7.1, 7.2, 7.3) and D8 is coming along nicely. For now, please consider updating your sites with this release. Some security fixes are very important and lots of small improvements are better not to be missed.


What's new in 7.0.9

- Language file corrections, more than 150 corrections. Thank you ggsinc for provided corrections - it's a much needed contribution!
- Option to disable site's email notifications.
- Security fixes.
- Fixed: comment from deleted user displayed avatar of currently logged in user.
- Now it isn't allowed to write message if message can not be sent.
- Next & Previous arrows for photos and videos reversed.
- Fixed: "Remember Me" was not working for admins.
- Privacy groups are translatable now.
- Fixed: when block title is empty in admin page builder it wasn't possible to change its properties.
- More php modules are checked now in Host Tools.
- Fixed: friends list was ordered in wrong direction.
Fixed: pagination issue in browsing events, groups and store products in admin panel.

Fixed: make avatar from photo didn't work if avatar permalinks are off.

If user decided to not receive site's notifications and subscribed to some content - then warning message is displayed on user's subscription page.

Fixed: "Unapproved" profiles link in admin panel didn't work.

Fixed: Sometimes description in profile edit warned that not enough characters are entered even if it is not the case. 

Fixed: when video length > 59:99, it wasn't displayed in thumb view.

Fixed: it was not possible to delete categories.

Fixed: content in categories was duplicated in different modules if category name matched.

Fixed: DB error occurred when adding duplicated language code.

Fixed: in template engine, file inclusion could stop if one of files was missing.

- In template engine, regular expression limit was increased, it could cause empty pages or missing content on big pages.
Fixed: it was impossible to remove all checkboxes from all memberships in Page Access Control module.

Fixed: Wrong redirection text after album edit

Fixed: when promo block is empty - empty border was displayed, now it isn't displayed at all.

- Minified version of jQuery is used now.
- TinyMCE was updated to the latest version.
- HTMLPurifier was updated to the latest version.
- PHPIDS  was updated to the latest version.
Fixed: Mobile apps: deleted messages were shown in mobile app.

Fixed: Mobile apps: wrong link to profile info page on some sites.

Fixed: Forum: problem with topic moving.

Forum: now posts can't be edited or deleted on locked topics.


This is the latest stable version. Official and recommended. If you need to update from 7.0.8 or earlier version please read and follow update instrcutions precisely.




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Way to go Boonex! Keep up the great work!
Can someone list the security fixes for all of us who can't / won't upgrade so we don't have a fiasco like last time.
Andrew Boon
Chicken and egg.... we still believe that security fixes report should come a little later. Either way some of the sites may potentially be in danger, but we believe that posting security bulletin as a standalone report increases this danger dramatically. We need to let prudent upgraders install the latest version first.
that's fine, maybe a month after the release is out just post a list with the files that are effected.
Andrew Boon
Sure, we think in about 2-3 weeks or so.
Great.. Lovely.. I upgrade my site and guess what.... Nothing.. Absolutely no problems at all. Thanks !! :)
I've upgraded all sites as well with no problems at all! Nice Job
Looks cool. Congrats and thanks to Boonex Team.
Expecting 7.1 to get rid of the "flash" thing with respect to HTML5
which will make D8 even better.

sharing is fugly -

sharing ON the Content block [not in action block] is more sensible
Nathan Paton
7.1 was scrapped in favor of Dolphin 8. It was also announced that Dolphin 8 would start the HTML5 transition. We've been through all this before, tomakali.
Nathan, this is take from above..
"Today, we're releasing one more "service" update, making sure that D7.0.x works perfectly. We have some exciting plans for at least 3 bigger updates for D7 this year (7.1, 7.2, 7.3) and D8 is coming along nicely. For now, please consider updating your sites with this release. Some security fixes are very important and lots of small improvements are better not to be missed."
I'm confused
Nathan Paton
Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Doubtful that HTML5 will make an appearance in 7.1, though.
One question. Will the update script take the liberty of replacing all the language keys that I have already corrected or replaced with my own? I really don't want this to happen.
Upgrade will replace only changed system language strings, unchanged system strings will not be affected.
Modules languages strings are restored from original files when you recompile it, or reinstall module. So if you changed module language string and recompile module language, the changes will be lost.
So the answer is yes, it will replace the strings that I have already corrected or customized. What shall we do if we don't want your new "corrected" language strings replacing the ones we already have? It there a simple way to prevent your upgrade script from making the language string changes? Can I just empty the language string array in lang_en.php?
The answer is "depending on the language keys you've modified".
Comments aren't supposed to provide instructions or code samples here, please open forum thread for it.
The point I am trying to make Alex, is that many of us have been using D7 for 3 years now and have already corrected or customized some of the same language strings that your upgrade process alters. Adding NEW language strings to an existing installation is one thing.... Modifying existing strings is something entirely different. It's a step some people, including myself, may not want your upgrade script to do automatically. This is a step that we as website administrators should be able to choose see more whether or not we want. I certainly appreciate the good intentions, but one persons good intentions is sometimes another persons pain in the ass.
Please open forum thread and I will try to provide you instructions there.
I also have the same question. Losing these strings with every upgrade is a major issue.

i update to 7.0.9 but when i go to the administration page, i get this error message :

Fatal error: Call to undefined method BxDolAdminDashboard::getPhotosBlock() in /var/www/vhosts/xxx/httpdocs/xxx/inc/classes/BxDolAdminDashboard.php(60) : eval()'d code on line 1

If i change the BxDolAdminDashboard.php file with the old one, it's work ...

Somebody can help me?
Thank you

Sorry if i post here... but in the forum when i click the submit button nothing happens...
i have not upgraded. i just want to ask this. is this chat rooms staying permanently now? they appear nd disappear. was this fixed too?
Check if "Remove empty rooms created by regular users" setting option is enabled in chat settings.
i am talking about the default rooms. and by the way, yes its enabled. the default rooms were not created by regular users. even the one i created through my admin still disappears.
Please open thread in the forums with clear description how to reproduce the problem.
X Productions
Well how do you change email notifications?
There is "Receive site notifications" filed on join form and on profile edit pages, if you added this field in page builder (EmailNotify block in fields builder).
Do you have chinese simple language bag.
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