Dolphin 7.1.3 Beta

AlexT posted 30th of May 2013 in News. 7 comments.

This service update fixes some important bugs and features small improvements, most important there are new antispam tools.

We recommend to test it carefully, so unnoticed bugs can be fixed before the release.

IMPORTANT: this version is not suitable for production sites and there will be no upgrade packs for it.

Bugs List



Live demo 


Reports bugs in Betas & RCs Forum.



Thank you for your help and patience!

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Wonderful News, Thanks for your work..
Bloody hell! All the work with getting 7.1.2 up and customized and then 3w later a new version.
Andrew Boon
This may, arguably, be a good thing - smaller iterations are easier to apply, yet they make things a lot smoother.
Nathan Paton
Unless there are security fixes, it's not required to upgrade /at this very second/.
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