Dolphin 7.1 Osho (beta) Released!

Andrew Boon posted 4th of November 2012 in Boonex News. 48 comments.

The long-awaited feature-update of Dolphin is now ready for the big play. Today's release is marked "beta" since it hasn't been tested as much as we'd love to, but it is already a fully supported version. This means that we will be providing automatic upgrade instructions and scripts for any updates from this build. Despite the "beta" marker this version is arguably the most stable and capable Dolphin currently available, so brave heart (as we know you are) may fire it up. Just be prepared for more frequent upgrades in the next couple of months. 



Here we used to have a fancy explanation of what's so cool about Dolphin 7.1, but now that the Final version has been released, we moved all that highly-fascinating information to the Final release announcement post.



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Superb :P
Nice work with the boonex site but everything is looking big lol
woohoooo... about time..... Now all I need to do is sit back and wait for the bugs to come and go before I build... but what an awsome milestone for Boonex and Dolphin users..... Well done guys : )
GOOD MORNING 7.1!!!!!!
Time to play :-)

noticed I cant post in the 7.1 forum here at the moment?
What are the odds of adding a popup player for videos and sounds to the timeline and outline? Users will remain more engaged if they don't have to hop back and forth from the timeline/outline and the media they want to look at. This would be such a cool thing, that I don't see how you guys at Boonex will be able to resist adding it immediately.
We'll talk about the jquery lightbox for photos on the timeline/outline at some later date.
We're going to give this a whirl...
Shame the upgrade patch requires the deletion of wall and spy data. We have three years of user data in place.
We took the plunge... and just hope that all the other improvements will overshadow the loss of data! All photos and videos remain, but all those comments and discussions are gone forever (unless our backup can somehow be integrated down the line!!).
did you use the patch or the Full installation to upgrade?
Both... two separate versions to test things out.
check if the patch has the installation for video player i dont see it and i can't enable the videos
Bravo Boonex! Even though it's only beta, this release has been long-awaited for me. Can't wait to download the new build tonight and start throwing my production data at it. Having played with the SVN's along the way, 7.1 is truly an amazing product!
Hi when should i upgrade my site , how long before a stable release is due , thanks.
You can start now, it will be upgrade packs to the Release version, however some bugs may occur since this is Beta version.
Hi thanks for the answer , we it be more easy to up upgrade on this version.
Nathan Paton
I felt a great disturbance in the Unity, as if millions of netbook users suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something greater than a thousand pixels in width has happened.

On the lighter side, this is wonderful news. No more patching from SVN!
We believe that 1024px screen width is not widely used, and most of current visitors with this resolutions are spammers from Ghana, India, Nigeria, Senegal, etc. according to our stats.

Mobile devices scale this resolution and it still looks good (tested on iPad 1024x768).
I like :-)

noticed something odd though, since today and the site has also been updated, I can not post a new topic in the 7.1 forum...
Any reason why not? If I type out a new topic post and press enter, nothing happens. I can reply to other posts though... only changed today
Make sure to completely clear your browser cache
doh! obvious answer does the job!... :-)
hi has anything changed is it more easy to apply updates then the old version , many thanks
Thanks :-)
I will be quite busy this weekend :-)
Can i do a live site with this beta?
Nathan Paton
I remember they said the beta would be upgraded to the release version, but keep in mind this is still a beta. Some things may not work until the final release.
I am using it on my live site with 17,000 members and it seems to run flawlessly so far. I only wish the forum was more like a "forum". They should get rid of Orca and integrate SMF or PHPBB.
What happened to 'Privacy Settings' under the account menu?
Yes, we disabled this page by default.
But you can enable it in admin setting as you mentioned in the forum:
hmm.. Минималистично. Очень даже неплохо и чувствуется, что вы наводили порядок. Пожелаю всем тем, кто только сейчас решился строить на этой красоте у̶б̶и̶й̶ц̶у̶ ф̶е̶й̶с̶б̶у̶к̶а̶ свой суперМега startUp, удачи и терпения в своём нелёгком начинании, а Вам (команде BoonEx) огромная благодарнасть see more за отлично сделанный инструмент. Спасибо!
I have a custom site, would i be able to upgrade with no problems once the final version is complete?
I'm very impressed. It's a great example of Boonex' Dolphin evolution. I can't wait to implement this. I love that it's seo friendly, is html 5 ready and is sleek as hell. Nice work Andrew and the rest of the Boonex team.
How do i remove the logo and use the text feature
Andrew, AlexT, Nathan and all BoonEx Dolphin 7.1 Osho - congratulation and have plenty of success.
hugs to all folks (Prashank, DRautenbach, Misterpope, AntonL, Houstonlively, Modzzz, Gorpuz and Deanon), among many others, that helped BoonEx in many ways.
Congrats Andrew and the whole Boonex team on this huge milestone. The new version looks awesome...
it will there be after reading other display videos or sound related to the file like youtube instead of clicking on the arrow to see the next or previous or in the block report
provision can click on the images for having the image is cool but adds power by being able to change the image from left to right when reading would be even better
HooooRay! It is great to see another Milestone In the rear view mirror! Dolphin is amazing.
what about RTL languages like Hebrew or Arbic, the new Dolphin will soport it?
Looking good .... but I'm still wondering when Boonex is going to add enough Language Keys to the Admin Panel so it can finally be fully translated and not just partially translated as it is now. Modifying core files is not a good solution due to upgrades and the fact that other people would have to apply the same modifications to their site if they were to use the same language file. At the moment the Admin Panel looks unfinished while using it in other languages. It would be great if we could finally see more translate Dolphin entirely. I just hope we don't have to wait until Dolphin 8 comes out and that Boonex at least considers adding enough Language Keys to Dolphin 8 so it can be 100% translated.
Excellent!!! I'm getting ready to upgrade right now...
Ok, I put it on last week. So far so good. Everything running well.

Just make sure to follow all the directions in the install.
Windows 8 is out now. When you install desktop app from your site, it removes the desktop tile in Windows 8 start area. This will confuse a lot of users. Desktop will have to be renamed to something else before final release.
Nice work, cool template! Waiting for it to be released so as to start working on it! Boonex should also think of people doing business around Dolphin as well, it is good PR , good PR noise, and expands the already-there market and money leverage.
Do we have any idea on a rough release timeplan?
I upgraded my 7.09 site when it the beta was released and for the most part everything is working. There is one annoying problem though.. I can't seem to find where to change the data that members must put on their profile. Used to be in 7.09 on Admin-Pages Builder-Profile Edit.. now it is gone. So, how do I added blocks to profiles and set their permissions - as mandatory or not...? strange.
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