Dolphin 8 Studio - Launcher Preview

Andrew Boon posted 4th of October 2011 in News. 65 comments.

In Dolphin 8 we're rethinking the long standing paradigms of administration and site-management architecture. Thus, the new Studio is different from current Dolphin Admin in both form and function.

As we noted before, it not for site-administration anymore, but rather for site configuration and structuring.  Studio is for the web-masters - the site "builders" if you will, while administration is for whoever there's to watch over members and content. 




Dolphin Studio Launcher


Sorry pals, but the previously posted Dolphin Studio screenshot turned out to be a decoy. Ever since we've posted it we've been working on a completely different interface, which had to be kept under wraps for a variety of reasons. Anyway, today we'd love to show you the so-called Studio Launcher.

Studio Launcher is merely an interface for opening Studio components, but it gives a brief exegesis of the new approach in Modules, Templates and Languages handling in Dolphin 8. For more imaginative viewers it may also help to guesstimate the future direction of Dolphin and BoonEx in general.


What To Look At


Today we're showing how all components (we call them "goodies") are now treated as separate parts that you can add/remove/deactivate and move around. Besides system goodies we have Modules, Templates and Languages. So, most of the complimentary functionality will have to fall into one of these categories. 

Notable addition is the new way to manage Templates, which should make the process more enjoyable for web-masters and potentially very beneficial for developers.

There's also a quick glimpse of how "paused" modules will be displayed. The idea of "paused" modules, per se, is a very important improvement in Dolphin 8, which should come handy in lots of situations when particular module needs to be temporarily disabled without losing data. 

A "star" that can be activated or deactivated in any of the goodies adds them to the Studio Homepage. With any luck your site may have quite a few goodies, so this is the way to select the most important ones and keep them handy. 

We do have some parts of the actual goodies functionality developed, but they are too fresh to show, so don't look much beyond the launcher at this stage.


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sorry whats that? iphone clone?
Andrew Boon
By now you should have realized that glossy icons do not make something an iPhone clone, even though Apple made them popular enough to establish a new de facto standard for how people expect system components to look and behave.

We do not aim at being artistically unique or special. Instead we are looking for a way that would help webmasters and users understand the system structure straight away. If you need something with unique looks - get that by choosing a non-standard template.

Standards see more are q very good thing as long as they help to improve user experience.
i think one of the best admin panel is that off wordpress....css and not so mutch images.... your design is like a play not like a pro sorry
better prototype:

i think better is dolphin have a very silk css core and the other make the community...with many modules....
Andrew Boon
Most of what you see in today's screencast is CSS/HTML5. It is also a system that focuses on a bare bone core and seamless integration of modules.
Andrew Boon
"your design is like a play not like a pro"

That's good. We want it to look and feel like play and yet work like pro. AT least half of the job is done. ;)
and what is that:
Andrew Boon
ONe of the earlier prototypes. Couldn't be scaled and we decided to extend the "modular" treatment to everything - not just modules. The new model is much more powerful and intuitive.
ok we waiting.... i hope you say the planed publishing date
Boonex says: pickup your weapon here to fight with facebook!!!
Here comes Boonex Vista!
please look at bitrix admin, Joomla Admin, vivvo cms admin and other cms.
i seriously suggest not to waste code,design,man hours in this studio.
Its cool, but not productive design.[just my view]
Defacto design is far better than this[not sure how this will be in usability]
have to wait and see hands on
Fire, oops no, shoot your designer with a bazooka!!!
Andrew Boon
That'd be a suicide. Also, the reaction so far is very promising. Denial > Anger > Acceptance = long-term success, while Fascination > Depletion > Apathy = wasted time.
as long as it works... i can digest this bitter fact and hope for better Dolphin 9.0
Andrew Boon
This is much more a "defacto" design than the panels you referred to (bitrix, joomla, vivvo). You get used to certain conventions and they feel like "defacto" approaches, until something much more intuitive and natural comes out. It isn't long ago when people were bashing "windows" as a gimmick, insisting that command prompt and NC-like skins is the proper way to interact with a computer. "Drag'n'drop? WTF!? Give me F5 and two consoles".

We're entering see more the age when software is changing into something that looks a lot less as software and a lot more as a set of toys from your childhood - simple, friendly and intuitive. Intuitive not only for those who can name 3-4 CMSs in one breath, but for any mom and pop that would care to create a site to extend their hobby.
well, the comment was just on viewing the layout. no offence. the real usability will be learnt only when hands-on. so,i'll have to wait... and its just my view[scared to run a real website with a toy-admin] its hard to trust a toy-admin than a real-admin]
Andrew Boon
Your comment was both appropriate and in its own way positive, so no offence taken. It's too early to say, but to me it already feels like something very reliable. :)
ah, this feels good "very reliable. :)"
Still can't wait for D8 to come out!
Improvements on functionality will be most appreciated. Also, special points for using the word 'exegesis'.
Andrew Boon
A few more points and I'm ready to try to figure out the plot of Finnegans Wake. I wish. :)
Nathan Paton
see moreI've been playing around with weekly demos, and the one thing I'm noticing with the studio dashboard is the lack of content. I like that you can add other pages to the dashboard (and Polyglot is much better to use than the old language manager), but something else like an overview would be better, even if it's only an option disabled by default.

I'd like to see the latest members, reports, and PHP errors so I don't have to jump around so much.

I also like the new option to disable BoonEx footers.
I agree with u also I think dolphin dashboard should look more like a joomla 1.7 as it really rocks. Im very happy with joomla 1.7 administration as it is ... its superb so I would recommend go more that way..
looks good, cant wait to test it on my own ;)
on the video tells : Dashboard (with red color and small characters) 435 ???
what is this ?? can you please make a video for:
-website design
-new modules
-photos/videos/groups/events/pages/spy/forum etc
-100% preview the admin panel

or please give as a demo website or a demo version WE MUST TELL YOU OUR SUGGESTIONS/OPINIIONS
Nathan Paton
I'll have a public demo available this weekend.
Nathan Paton
That's the definition of a public demo.
D7 fu... the World!! ;-) I wish you all the best, but i will work only with D6 und D7! :D
I hope you will made a last D7.0.8 where all last bugs will be solved! Than we users will be happy like my girlfriend if she got new shoes... xD
Too much images, not productive design at all. Imagine a site with 20+ third party mods and it will be a nightmare to manage using the new design. Our suggestion is to display as much content as possible. We think the present admin panel is pretty good, so why so much effort to revamp it....
you still have the desire to change, the desire to innovate - it's a good sign - there is always the passion
I am pleased to have crossed your path
It's an interesting take and a completely different approach. It will be fun to see how this progresses, assuming it doesn't get replaced with another model.

I think I see where you're going with this - I kinda like it. Will have to stay tuned I guess =)
I can comment, but not 'plus' again in IE9 64 bit. It logs me out when I click the 'Plus' button

I like it...

It is on the way for iPads that is quickly replacing PCs and Laptops.
And glad to know you are one step ahead from others that will need to rebuild their online services for iPads.
Also, it is good to know it is based on HTML5 because last week they decised to NOT use Flash anymore. Yeah! unbelievable, but true, true, true.

In time, would be great to have an built-in Layout/Template editor. My favorite is the
Please :-))

Way to go.
It looks catchy - so from point of attract new potentional dolphin buyers its good, but from professional side is not effective and not worth. I really would welcome much more joomla 1.7 alike design which is also nice but concentrate on functionality,clear and logic information display etc..... SO I would much more welcome more joomla 1.7 approach than a iphone approach. Common Andrew we mostly will be administer dolphin from a desktop computer not from a iphone and touch display .... If dolphin see more will be only mobile platform aimed only to mobile devices like iphone ..I would say yes, but in dolphin case I say NO ....
Andrew Boon
You won't be administering the site from this. You'll be administering from user interface but with admin privileges and some tools. This is for building the site, so it will have much less functionality burden than current admin panel. Stay tuned, there's a lot more coming and the picture is not even half open. :)
PLEEEEZE ditch the spinning icons! They were driving me crazy before I even got to the end of the video. I can't imagine having to watch those every day for the life of my D8 installation.
andrew please make a vote how mutch people like this ...playfull design
If Studio will make designing your website powered by Dolpin easier, then I'm all for. There is a fundamental reason people associate the "look and feel" of this product with iPhone and that is because Apple developers obviously had the forethought to understand that making things look more inviting will get people to USE IT! The biggest problem I have always had with the core product is the un-useablity of it to the average user. Case in point, I had a technician from my current hosting see more company try to help me fix the problem I was having uploading videos to my site. The FIRST thing they said is "I tried but could not because I am not sure how to do this, can you please send me instructions?" Surely this person was NOT a newbie as they assist many customers with their technical needs on their hosting company. No product delivered to the masses should be that difficult to follow!<br>
My site continues to grow and has doubled based purely on my fans wanting to follow me (I have nearly 800 members), however the site is not ACTIVE because it not clear and apparent to the AVERAGE user how to navigate the site. BAD BUSINESS! Doesn't matter how many bells and whistles you add to Dolphin it's going to fall flat and fail miserably if it is not easy to use, bottom line!
For once I am in total agreement with freakpower as I have been forced to explore other social network scripts this past year as a direct result of my continued frustration with Dolphin. I did try Joomla and agree the adminstration is organized neatly and makes even if you have never used it before. The location tabs and related submenus was easy to follow and had plenty of help available if you got stuck in the administration without ever having to leave the site. In Dolpin, something as simple as the friend feature makes no sense at all, who is going to associate the tab "Activity" with friends, it took time just to figure out where my friend requests were going on the site. The deal breaker with me and Joomla is that I wanted a social network NOT A BLOG or FORUM site! I purchased JomSocial (the social network component) and tried to incorporate it into Joomla and found it difficult and clumsy to do. IMAO they should just sell it as a standalone product. What I think most people are looking for is quality (runs most of the time without bugs or errors), functionality (plenty of features that work well 2gether) and EASY to use!
IMAO Ning still surpasses all the social networking scripts I have tried in the area of functionality and ease of use. Not being able to use it on your OWN server is the dealbreaker for me, which includes but not limited to: Drupal, WordPress/Buddy Press, SocialEngine, phpFox (which is what I am going with now and is the closest thing to Ning I could find that open source), Elgg, SkaDate, any many others that offer their core product free. phpFox is the exception.
HAHAHA look like children toys,,,, ^_^
i prefer dolphin 7 admin
прикольный у вас Mr. Freeman (:
I like where you are going with this. Looking at the whole picture I see the brilliant idea of separating admin areas of the site. One thing I have learned that with every software there are bugs ALWAYS, but Boonex has come a long way. I have a feeling D8 will be a much needed improvement.

I hold current licenses to many scripts/software developed for the same purpose as Dolphin. The bottom line is that only Dolphin allows you to easily modify a site.
Again, I hope - and if I weren't an atheist I would pray, that you are spending no more than 20 percent of your time on this. D7 is still now where near being finished - you haven't even caught up with the functionality that D6 had yet. There aren't even builders for most of the pages, for example, and the ones that are there are incomplete. One good move you made was adding the Page Access Control mod to the product. Make a few more deals like with other commercial mods, and you could have see more a world class product. I would either make deals for, or develop yourself, better mods for email alerts - absolutely critical unless you want a dead site - groups, classified, sites - anything you can do to add better functionality.
please add this on dolphn 8 :
Notifications (like FACEBOOK)
messenger (like facebook)
mail (like facebook)
make the groups / events / polls / pages (like facebook)

that for now
Nathan Paton
All of those features (except pages) exist in Dolphin 7.
make all this things like facebook
in dolphin 7 HAS NOT so good notifications,messenger,pages,groups,mail

If in dolphin 8 this things has not added i will go to another company SORRY
I love how people tout and brag about the fact that Dolphin 7 has all these features but do they work and are they user friendly? . . . um NO!
when it launches. Dolphin 8 ?
What about modules...are you going to have people like Deratmedia selling outdated modules, lack of professionalism to ruin your product...Great product..but my experience with your so called mod developers will not let me try it. I gave up on Boonex long ago and went back to Wordpress because of the appalling and blatant ripoffs that is allowed to happen with no checks and balances.
i agree with and had the SAME personal experience. I spent MORE money on MODS that don't work or fix the problems with Dolphin than on the core product (which was so-called "free"). Do u really think this is GOOD business?
Keep it simple:

List of functions (modules, permissions, settings, etc.) listed downward in a row.

List of user types (webmaster, admin, premier member, member, non-member) across columns.

On/Off check box where each (row/column) intersect. Similar to the Choose a License page (but with less gimmick).

That video was 2:02min waste of time! Please be more professional and edit useless features like spinning wheels and amateur color schemes see more which contribute NOTHING to the user experience.
Design is not important in my opinion. Flexibility , organisation and ease of access to the code its whats important.
maybe for each page include the whole code in one php file.
or a complete different approach. separate each section of a page. ex login form, mail, spy wall, nav, friends etc and use the "include" command in php or "echo" or whatever you smart coders use to include a different php file into another. lets say i want to include the login form in a custom page see more im creating by just adding "include login.php" into this table or css cel.. This will gives us the freedom to add whichever module or script on any page we want by only using html ,css and the include command on any table we want...

hopefully it makes sense to you guys..
I agree with you. phpFox is not the esthetically best design but it is clean, efficient and easy to use for the average person making it MORE likely to be used. Ning is another example. I have a Dolphin site of nearly 800 members and the only one posting is me and a couple of other faithful loyal fans after an entire year. Nothing cool about having an all-in-one-product that does everything but NOTHING works properly or you as an administrator have to create tutorials on just how to use the site see more or providing technical support. You DON'T need 2 do that with Facebook, Ning or many other popular socialnetworks. Ease of use is FAR MORE important than having more features. Point blank!
Icons are a must. It's a shortcut. People remember signs easier. They don't read texts. Even roads have signs/icons, otherwise and until you finished reading you may be in trouble by then.

The icon design could be better though. But as the developers say. It's just the beginning.

By the way, I love that music. in that vid.
Hope u dismiss that jumping icons, at least make tham static , and they change to black and white when mouse over...that jumping isons on mouse over driving me really insane and nervous I sad I will welcome different approach ..more technical and clean and more logic noit like an disney magaziine or iphone
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