Dolphin Mobile 1.6 for Android Preview

Andrew Boon posted 19th of June 2012 in News. 10 comments.

As usual, right after our iOS app update (which now works both with iPhones and iPads) we're doing the same with the Dolphin Mobile for Android. 


Similarly to what's been done in iOS app we've introduced new look (matching the upcoming Dolphin 7.1 default template style) and made some improvements throughout the app...


- User info is no longer hardcoded to display gender and age, potentially giving more flexibility for profile fields display options. 

- "Search" page is now buildable via Dolphin Admin. 

- Higher resolution photos used for mobile uploads.

- API changes (more at

- And a handful of bug fixes.


Here's how it looks now:





We have also tested it with Galaxy Tab, and apparently it does work on Android Tablets quite well.



Both Android and iOS apps are going to their respective Markets/Stores this week, before Dolphin 7.1 release, because they both are compatible with Dolphin 7.0.9 and may already be used.


Prime Package holders have the right to get the apps source code, modify them, add 3rd party modules, re-brand as their own, and submit to iTunes Store and Android Market under new names. 

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Nathan Paton
Looking forward to this!
really a nice product, well done ..
we talked about social mobile, mobile internet is growing exponentially.
I'm new here and at the time of BoonEx'm just reading and trying to learn and given the lack of knowledge may not even feel entitled to express an opinion.
I believe that before publishing any site it is my duty to understand how the system works.
I have seen on several occasions the need to check up BoonEx mobile, push notifications and badges up, that I should develop it to a developer?
I'm see more asking for advice to the community BoonEx at this time.
When will this be ready for me two upgrade my existing App to this new one?
Nathan Paton
Andrew said the new apps will be in stores this week.
Andrew Boon
Android App is now available through the Android Market and Prime license holders can get the source code as well. Same goes for the iPhone App, except it's not yet available via AppStore - it's under review.
When can I download the v1.6 source code?
Source code for both apps will be available for download when iOS is activated by Apple, hopefully in a few days.
Looking nice. Any chance of getting events up on there as well?
Can we get something that looks like the "MeetMe" app? Something more functional and not so ... flat.
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