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The new Video Transcoder provides powerful features and very simplified interface for developers. Working with video is as simple as working with images using Images Transcoder. Converted files are automatically stored it in the storage engine

It generates .mp4 and .webm videos to support HTML5 video playing in all modern browsers:


  .mp4 .webm
Google Chrome YES YES
Mozilla Firefox YES (Except OSX) YES
Internet Explorer YES (9+) NO
Safari YES NO
Android YES YES

Data is actual as of  November 2014


Along with usual operations by resizing and converting videos transcoder can do the following:

  • conversion queue - waiting for video conversion is minimal, videos are converting every minute
  • remote conversion - videos can be converted on any number of remote servers, so main site is not overloaded with conversion and videos are processed as soon as possible
  • automatic detection of fully black and white video thumbnails - videos usually begin with black or white screen which fades out after 1-3 seconds, this situation is detected and video image is taken after some image appears
  • automatic video aspect ratio detection 
  • moving meta information to the beginning of mp4 file - so video begins to play as soon as possible
  • 3rd-party modules can add custom filters for video processing


Manual for developers

Video transcoder wiki


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Video module coming soon? While processing will it add play sign in video thumbnails? Are you recommending a separate server along a dedicated server just for processing?
Separate server for video processing is recommended for high load sites when main server is overloaded, also it can be useful if hosting doesn't support ffmpeg.
Separate server for video processing; I've needed this feature for a long time.
When is this going to be done?
It's already done for Trident:
This is only for Dolphin U (a.k.a. Dolphin 8)
webm and mp4 HTML5 with Subtitle for Deaf good!!

Dolphin 7
.mp4 for iPhone, Table, ....

Dolphin 8 Converter??
.m4v to .mp4 ??

.m4v HTML5 Subtitle ??
We will consider adding subtitles support.

.m4v is almost the same as .mp4.
Storage Engine page reminded me that Dolphin 8/U has been under development for over 3 years now. That's a lot of time!
Consider using
I would appreciate if the new video module will show the number of time a video is played instead of number of time a video page is viewed.
Logo stamp watermark to videos copyright ?
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