DolphinPro 7.3.3 Released. Important security update!

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of November 2016 in News. 10 comments.

Today you would have noticed the new 7.3.3 update notification in your DolphinPro admin panels. It is an important and urgent update addressing a few security issues and bugs. 7.3.3 has no impact on the platform core, so all your modules, settings and modifications compatible with 7.3.2 will not be affected.

It is highly recommended to update to 7.3.3 as soon as possible. 

This time we decided to take a proactive approach in updating sites hosted under the Boonex License & Hosting Plans. We will update all sites that we have access to. If you have changed access details to your hosting control panel and/or DolphinPro admin, please contact us to arrange the update or apply it yourself immediately. 

We'll provide a manual fix instructions publicly in about 4-5 days. Pease contact us to request details for an urgent manual fix if you can't update to 7.3.3 directly.
Manual instructions just for the security fix:
Thank you!
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Hi, does the security fixes affect v 7.0.9?
Nathan Paton
That and other security issues. You should really upgrade to the latest version. There have been so many fixes and improvements, and also some new features, since then.
Thanks Nathan! Have too many mods in that version which makes it hard to upgrade.
My website ( ) upgrade is complete. Thank you BOONEX.

And why you dont use original links to boonex sites in your Newsletter! Everybody think this is spam.
Why you dont show older downloads or update packets on the "normal download" site?!

Look at shopware there make it right.

So now, what files must i change to fix the security issues?
Changelog (there is reference to actual code changes in each issue):

Thank you for the suggestions, we'll add link to updates to downloads page.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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