DolphinPro 7.3 Beta 2

Andrew Boon posted 10th of February 2016 in News. 17 comments.

Thanks to increased contributions and testing feedback from the community members we've been able to further improve the upcoming 7.3 package, and today we announce the Beta 2. 

It is possible to upgrade from Beta 1 to Beta 2. We will also support upgrade from Beta 2 onwards. 


We have also recently published an iOS app service release with FacebookSDK update and some fixes. It required 7.3b2 to work properly. The app has already been reviewed and approved by Apple Inc.



- Make filter in Admin > Language Settings case insensitive

- Change sorting and filtering of members blocks
- Improve admin layout on smaller screens

- New 'page_builder - page_add' alert
- Profiles: permanent show mode for profiles

Refreshed iOS app (v.1.9.0):
- new Dolphin logo
- updated Facebook SDK
- bugfixes
New enhancements (since Beta1):
- New 'system - clear_xss' alert
- Interface for inserting code before closing <HEAD> and <BODY> tags (Admin Panel > Basic Settings > Injections)
- Email notifications when membership status changed
Enjoy responsively!
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very good !
Add Advertisements video or sounds
Since it does not seem to be any major problems, I really want to upgrade my production site, but can anyone confirm if there will be a patch 7.3.0 b2 -> final release?
здравствуйте, а когда будет обновление от 7.2.1 на 7.3 ? Мне очень понравился ЧАТ+ За ранее благодарю
Uje est' obnovlenie s 7.2.1 do 7.3.0.B1, a zatem do 7.3.0.B2, uje seichas mojno im vozpol'zovatsya, hotya jelatel'no dojdat'sya stabil'noi versii.

Ya otpravil vam personal'noe soobshenie.
Dumau v techenie nedeli budet stabil'naya versiya
News feed importer ( ) can be improved to import a thumb image for articles from google facebook or twitter meta? like how is on reddit ?
Are you going to improve forum module? I think it is the most neglected Dolphin module...
Can we get a change to 'articles' module to enable members to add articles?
Much needed function on standard articles module.
Footer Menu build better!!
Footer <-- Newsletter, Menu, Follow Social Button, Download (Andriod App, iOS, App)
How much time before possible install 7.3 ?
Can you give a date ?
I am guessing the iOS app is still in Objective C, correct?
I know the code does not have ARC(Automatic Reference Counting) and .xib files were showing warnings regarding old versions and constraints in feature.

Newer apps will be a great idea.
Getting closer to full upgrade. Sweaty palms time.
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