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Andrew Boon posted 19th of May 2016 in Boonex News. 29 comments.

You may have noticed that your Boonex Account dashboard now has a fancy new "Loyalty Reward" progress bar that shows percentage or, if you're lucky, says "Congrats!".

That is the new system which we added in order to say "Thank You!" for the money you pay us. :)

The reward is always a free Permanent License. Once you reach 100%, you can "claim" it and it'll appear in your account automatically.

How to earn %%.

- When you buy a Permanent license, you get 50% reward points. 

- When you pay for any Subscription, including Leased License, you get 4% for every month you pay for.

This essentially means that:

a. If you buy 2 licenses, you get the third one for free.

b. If you lease a license for 25 months, you get a Permanent License and can just stop paying. (Total cost $725 over 2 years and 1 month).

c. If you have a Permanent License, and a Subscription, they will eventually produce the reward too.


Honouring The Past

All old licenses are counted in, so don't be surprised to find that you can claim a few rewards right now. 

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Thank you for honouring the past. :)
Yes, thanks for honoring the past =) it's appreciated!
Now that is awesome. Thank You! This will give me the freedom explore another idea path with the platform. I officially retract some of my past forum moans and groans.
How about a "loyalty reward" for those of us that have been loyal for the better part of a decade? You know, putting up with bugs, you frequently crashing sites with "upgrades", referring paying customers to you, etc. You say past licenses are taken into account yet I've had mine since 2008 & I have a 0% loyalty reward...and about a thousand dollars in modules alone.
Andrew Boon
Everyone with paid licenses should have the %%. We'll be checking today what may be wrong. Due to all the changes we had over years some cases are hard to account for. We'll get it sorted.
Now that is awesome. Thank You! This will give me the freedom explore another idea path with the platform. I officially retract some of my past forum moans and groans.
Thank you, Sir. I currently have 4 licenses and I should be rewarded by another 2 more but I can't find the link to claiming the offer.
Please advise, Sir. Thank you again.
Andrew Boon
On your account "Dashboard" page, right beneath the table with licenses there's a progress bar with a button. Let us know if you don't see the button.
thanks, i just got another one hehe
Way to go... be interested but after 69 years on the planet, tomorrows are a gift! (g) I may not survive 25 months.

Andrew Boon
There! We're awarding you with an incentive to survive at least another 25 months. (and we might do something else right after).
Wowza! Thank you. Got several rewards. I now have more pro licenses than I have ideas. Gotta get thinkin'!
Its more like a buy 2 get 1 free offer lol, +1
I have another idea, how about adding a "best answer" button on the forum so if someone finds a solution to their question. The answerer can get some reward point, like 1 point for a best answer.

Also, this reward system can be made useful to do other things on here as well, like buying modules, but thats doesn't seem fair :/

That's it, i am sleepy. Peace!
Andrew Boon
Yes, this is the first stepping stone. We want to tie it with forum and we'll add more rewards once we re-arrange the Market a bit. :)
100% agree with you. Because member supports another member more than the Boonex team. In another way, we can say Members are doing work of Boonex team!

Why not for buying the module? It also should be included!
Well, I am more interested in getting Premium Membership than getting an extra licence because in Future I may make modules and themes but I don't want to pay $599 to post it in the Market! :)
Well i was just saying, selling stuff for boonex currency wouldn't be feasible unless it can be converted into actual $$$.
I have 4 Lic. 2 registered /2 not registered - 1 with a transaction ID 3 without.... showing 50% reward...
I guess the query needs to be updated to included unregistered and null transaction id ?

Not that I need more of them or anything :)
we have 2 licenses and service. Were do we located the rewards
Many Thanks to Boonex team
Can I donate mine to a worthy cause? I really didn't need another one. With that said, I have no idea how I would find one of those worthy causes around here, but I'd know one if I saw it.
WOW! Awesome! Thank you!!
Awesome news! Thank you very, very much! I just thought to create my third site on Boonex! <3
Mine is 50% . So, can I get permanent license with 50% discount? Don't have any plan to have more than 1 permanent license at this moment.
Hi, Great offer and I did get Rewards, "free License" for
I have two before :

Many thanks: Boonex
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