Get Mobile Apps or Upgrade to Prime With a Discount

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of July 2013 in Boonex News. 6 comments.

Just for 7 days we are offering a rare opportunity to buy Mobile Apps license for just $249 (normally $399!) or upgrade from Standard to Prime for just $299 (price difference normally is $400, but upgrades are not available).


This is a rare opportunity. Orders have to be processed manually, so make an order using the links below and email to with you BoonEx ID and Transaction ID to get the licenses issued.


Special is not available.


Offer ends on the 31st of July. Be quick - there won't be a better buy anymore!

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1 month ago I enquired about the upgrade cost from standard to Prime and was told that upgrading wasn't possible and that if I wanted to do this I'd need to purchase a Prime licence, which I did. Now I find out that not only is it possible but if I'd have purchased a standard licence and then upgraded with this offer I've have saved myself $100! Boonex - this is TERRIBLE customer service to the point that it's bordering on deception. I'd like someone to contact me to explain why you feel this is see more acceptable and what you would be prepared to do to rectify the situation for me.
Andrew Boon
That's the point of "special" offer. Upgrading is not normally possible and even now we are handling it by deleting one license and issuing another manually. This is only available for 7 days and is a promotional offer.
Dang... That's not enough time for me. I can't get the money up in time. Will we see this offer ever again?
If I don't have any licences yet, could I buy Standard licence now and upgrade it to Prime? Or this promo is only for those who had Standard licence before this promo?
I think this is possible, there is no such restriction.
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