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Andrew Boon posted 27th of May 2015 in News. 20 comments.

Competition in social networking space is tough. Users have all the options in the world and are ready to move on to somebody else's site if they face a tiniest obstacle on yours. It's getting harder to sign them up. And #1 make-it-or-break-it, sign-up-driving, first-impression-creating component of a social network platform is, of course, the sign up form. And not any less importantly, the sign in form  (because... retention!).


In Dolphin Pro 7.2 we've paid A LOT of attention to both forms. Dolphin Pro 7.2 login and join forms are now streamlined, optimised for responsiveness, generally opening in popup (unless full page is absolutely needed) and stripped of any clutter. Join form is now 2-step by default (which is a proven auto-spam deterring method).


First, let's have a look at Dolphin 7.1.5 join form and login popup:



Although they look OK and can be customised, there are some aspects that require improvement. Side captions can't fit well on small screens, too many fields and separators add cognitive load, Facebook login is obscured, Captcha is not mobile-friendly, etc. All those issues combined can slow down sign up rates!


Now, let's have a look at the new Dolphin Pro 7.2 login popup:



The popup itself is responsive, plays well with all devices and opens with a cool transition effect. Tab for Join form guides unregistered members without boring text explanations. Facebook Connect is shining bright. Form elements are in clear focus. 


And even better... the join form:



The new join form is as short as it can be. Popup opens the first step, and once users have invested their time into filling it, they are much more likely to complete the second step. No need to scare them off right away! Second step is also shortened and optimised. No more "looking for", promise! (although you can put it right back if you want to). Ah, and there's a third gender type added - intersex.


All in all, we bet that just the new forms will DOUBLE your sign up rates when Dolphin 7.2 comes out!


Stay tuned.

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Very nice! Any possibility for integration with LinkedIn & Twitter? Whenever I join any site, these are given as options (as well as Google+).
Andrew Boon
Yes, integrating the other ones won't be an issue. Quite a few extensions for that in Market, but we will be working on our own as well.
Amazing. I love it :D
Yes, we need other login buttons integration, please
Good job..ill prefer
1- username
2- a) firstname .......b) lastname
3- email
4- password.

Don't need to confirm password cause user can always recover it from email. Real names are necessary cause they are needed for member search. About rest of the details..I think they should popup next time when user login, so they can fill them out. First time experience should be hassle free.
Login plugins for FB,Twitter,G+,Linkedin should be same way we have right now at the bottom of this forum see more post but with small logos.
I suppose "make it or brake it" can make literal sense, but the traditional saying is "make it or break it"
Andrew Boon
Ah... to hell with traditional! :P

--- Thanks for mentioning, I wouldn't have guessed myself.
see moreLooks cool, and I love that everything is so streamlined and responsive. But for my community site, since it is private membership, I want to remove Facebook Connect. Will there be a way to disable this?
Also I need to get more than just Username, Password, and Email from a new member when they signup. I need to manually activate a new member's account, which is determined by certain information they provide on the Signup Form.
I hope there will be many ways to customize these new features! Thanks!
Yes, "Facebook Connect" is a module, just uninstall it to disable this feature.
Thanks for the reply, Alex! That's great that I can deactivate Facebook Connect. What about customizing the fields in the Join form? I need to have more than just Username, password, and eMail. I will need to have their full name, birthdate (must be over 18), occupation, gender, etc. Can I still have these options on the new 7.2 Join form?
Yes, it is still customisable via Profile Fields Builder.
Awesome! Two thumbs up!!
I currently use Janrain for sign ups and logins. Partly because it was an easier choice several years ago then other options but also because of the analytics data they provide.

Is there a chance to enable us to use Janrain within the standard 7.2 sign up system?

Janrain integration is a module, it should work as before, or maybe small modification will be required to make it work for Dolphin 7.2
"Users have all the options in the world and are ready to move on to somebody else's site if they face a tiniest obstacle on yours. It's getting harder to sign them up."

This is true but on that very subject I can't help thinking that the splash page is the thing that will interest people or drive them away. I think Dolphin's needs a fair bit of work on it in my opinion. Other platforms, especially OSSN have an awesome page, only problem inside OSSN is it's identical to Facebook & see more I don't want that. Dolphin is a lot more flexible but the splash page needs some work doing on it as a default.

Aside from that, great job on the login, it looks a whole lot better. Simplicity is best :)
@coremedia But you can easily build a splashpage by using a html block, or am i wrong?
intersex is not a gender, that is a condition of the sex of a person. Gender is man, woman, transman, transwoman; etc.
although you can put it right back if you want to

How the hell are you suppose to do this?
how to get rid of second step?
A double sign-up process will double your sign-up rates. Hard to understand the logic, as people are sure to drift away during Sign-up Part 2. If not, we have a problem.

I would like to see other Social Log-ins included in Dolphin: Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Market extensions aren't keeping up with developments!
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