Motives: Answers, Blogging, Business

Andrew Boon posted 27th of March 2013 in Boonex News. 10 comments.

We have announced Motives a few weeks ago and it seems to have been the right thing to do. Motives, being a type of curation based on "rationale", are easier for many newcomers to relate to, and they just help with choosing the right kind of extensions to work with. Even non-believers will gradually see motives making a whole lot of sense, while Dolphin is transitioning towards smoother support of 3rd-party extensions, easier upgrades and improved Market. 

Today, we're bringing to light three more Motives: Answers, Blogging and Business. Some products and sample sites have already been selected for these motives and we'll be adding more shortly. 


Projects like Yahoo Answers and Quora


Projects like Yahoo Answers and Quora proved that questions engage audience and answers stack up into a lucrative, content-rich websites that enjoy stable traffic growth. Catch the trend and launch your own social network with Questions/Answers format or extend your existing web-community with powerful extensions for Dolphin platform.
Dolphin already includes Polls module, but software developers at BoonEx Market offer modules and tools designed specifically for "answers" format, as well as alternative "polls", if fancy Facebook-like way of handling this kind of user interaction.


Run Your Own Blogging Network


Online publishing comes in all shapes and forms now. There're many popular platforms for online blogs, or even multi-user publishing networks - Wordpress, Tumblr, Buddypress, you name it. Nothing comes close to Dolphin when it comes to social networking, though. With Dolphin you can extent the concept of social blogging to numerous types of uses, various niches and incredible combinations of social networking tools. Dolphin is designed as a community software from the core, and Blogs module as well as blogging extensions do the rest - give an ultimate software solution for a social publishing network!
BoonEx Market vendors offer their takes on different content types - opinions, recipes, quotes, dreams and even jokes. Pick what you will and adapt to your idea!

Build Your Own Business Networking Site


There is fun, there is business, and then there is business social networking, which both fun and a great money-making opportunity. Pick your professional niche and engage your colleagues, unite entrepreneurs, connect collaborators, facilitate trading... all on your own business social networking website. Powered by Dolphin.
Dolphin default package can be easily configured for a business community site, especially with modules like Store, Classifieds and Forums activated, but extensions from BoonEx Market lift the game to a whole new level! Business-oriented design templates, conference chats, customisable profile types and Investment modules are available now, and more is to come.

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This is all great for absolute newcomers, but there is an ever growing number of Dolphin users that have been around long enough to realize out-of-the-box extensions aren't going to take their site to the level they want. Sooner or later you realize, that to stand out, you must endeavor to offer prospective members something of real value that they either can't get elsewhere, or to do something much better than the closest competition. Facebook has social networking covered... period. see more & have dating sites covered .... period. It's foolish to think you could even make a slight impact in these areas. There are definitely opportunities out there, but those opportunities do not include building a better site than Facebook or a better site than .... unless of course, you have investors standing by with a few million dollars to invest in your brilliant unproven idea. I personally have uncovered several areas that are "covered" by hundreds or even thousands of sites.... but none of them have it covered really well with modern web technology. I won't be specific, but serious Dolphin users should be looking at web sites that have been around a while.... sites that were built with older technology... sites that are married to that older technology. There's a lot of them. These are sites that you can compete with, if you launch a competitive site with the latest technology.

The biggest road block I face, is trying to find coders to develop the highly custom modules I will need to compete with older sites. These custom modules are urgently needed to launch a site that offers something of real value to members. A site has to be more than uploading photos and videos, people chatting with each other with no identifiable purpose, or posting what they had for lunch on a timeline. A site has to have an identifiable purpose that the members want and need..... not something that's already thoroughly covered by the likes of Facebook or

Here's the problem:

Trying to get custom work done for Dolphin is proving to be an adventure in frustration. Most of the good module developers have day jobs and only do Dolphin coding in their spare time. ALL of the module developers seem to always be busy with something else. I refuse to deal with those sites that offer a generic pool of "coders" that I have no real idea what they are capable of.... dealing with those sites would be an act of desperation, although I must confess I am near desperation.

If you guys at Boonex really want to make a positive difference in the success rate of Dolphin based sites, you would give this dilemma some thought. You guys have been around long enough, and should know enough people to possibly put together a "Dolphin customization team". This is something that is desperately needed. I admire Boonex's incentive to help newcomers to the Dolphin platform, but there's a lot of us old guys that have stayed with you over the years, that could use a little help too. Think about it. Can you think of a better way to showcase Dolphins capabilities than a truly unique site?
Thank you for good thoughts.

We will think over the possibility to prepare some list of trusted dolphin developer teams/companies.
Thanks HL for these words.
Your assessment is accurate.
I totally agree with Houstonlively. I faced the same issues with developers here, they are either too busy, too unreliable or are not able to produce custom products that have any bite to them. In one instance I waited for months to get what i asked for and in the end got such a crappy product, I had to get my money back (lucky I did). You need modules that have some sophistication built in them. It seems most are in for the quick $$$ and not truly interested in developing their existing modules see more to something purposeful.
Lets hope someone listens and for the sake of many, a change takes place for the positive.
If I offend it is not intended:

houstonlively and presscon made real and valid points, we should have a board members meeting with intelligent well educated folks to help with this operation. I am new to BooneX but not to this outfit, I thought what I paid for was at that level from the demo and marketing. Being an original AEwebworks Software user of (all releases) June 2006 ALL of the sites failed because of the same reason you both bring up. I worry with the same issues today as I did at see more that time. The product has matured no question but even the so called "out-of-the-box extensions" will not allow our sites to mature to a swingular, swinglifestyle or level site. The old mods were so poorly written they trashed everyones site. We were lucky and had a good friend to us but not to AEWeb, Modge at modmysite really did help customize and fix issues overnight for us many others had real issues with them, he just like me and we became good friends; however, I can truly see Andrew has matured and is listening to clients better these days but issues like billing mods such as CcBill and I believe 9 others were standard in AEWebworks versions and not a single thing in 7.X.X works for other providers. Support your client base and it will last forever ignore them and they will go away. Have to say I agree Lets hope someone listens and for the sake of many, a change takes place for the positive. I just bought back into this and damn sure hope it has changed to support the client/money so everyone benefits. Sorry for the ref. not sure being new if that is allowed but I believe in the truth and not in lies or deceptions. "while Dolphin is transitioning towards smoother support of 3rd-party extensions, easier upgrades and improved Market" listen to the owners and that will happen guys.
Какой бизнес ? Это воровская не надежная сеть ! Меня обокрали на деньги, попросили за это деньги и админинстарация удалила все мои негативные отзывы со страницы ВОРА. И стала на сторону ВОРА! А ВОР так даже и не попытался закрыть свои хвосты. Пока будет ТАК - Бунекс будет годен see more только для третьесортных рассадников грязи и порнографии. Я хотел строить серьезные проекты на этой платформе но глядя на эту ситуацию со стороны не защищенного никем и ничем обывателя я не стану этого делать и вам не советую. Я писал к Andrew Boon обращение, но он проигнорировал меня.
Вы связвлись с не очень хорошим вендором, от этого никто не застрахован, негативные отзывы были восстановлены, модератор удалил посты - потому-что посчитал аргументы вендора более убедительными, также возможно возникла проблема с пониманием, так как модератор пользовался see more автоматизированным переводчиком с русского на анлийский. Еще возможно вы общались с модератором в неуважительной манере!
Спасибо хоть за восстановленные комментарии. Как русский не переведи на английский будет выглядеть более агрессивно. Я это давно заметил. А модератор ваш точно за одно с этим вендором, я прошелся по форуму и пообщался с еще другими недовольными людьми, все подтвердили, что see more ребята в одной связке работают. Мне так и не пришло решение по моей проблеме даже после таких попыток привлечь к себе внимание правосудия. Это лучший показатель что в интересах модератора было замять тему а не решить вопрос как полагается нейтральной стороне.
К слову о не очень хороших вендорах, видимо мне на них везет ) 30% модулей которые были куплены за реальные деньги уже не существуют ...

А see more ведь никто не предупреждает нигде что мои инвестиции могут пшик и сгореть за одну секунду, вместе с месяцами настроек и мучений с интеграциями и вашими любимыми патчами )
Это чистое надувалово, хотя бы половину денег возвращали или бонусы чтоли. А взамен еще и модераторы на стороне этих всех шулеров. Грустно.
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