Now is the best time to launch your own niche social network!

Andrew Boon posted 19th of May 2015 in Boonex News. 12 comments.

Facebook is 11, Twitter is 9, BoonEx is 14. In human years that means that online social networking is already mature, sophisticated and proven. It is here to stay. People get it and like it (no pun intended).


The only problem is that a few large social networks have taken over people’s time. Too often in a way that this time is wasted for endlessly rehashing videos of funny cats and viewing ads of smartphone games. 


Meanwhile, over the last decade software for building independent social networks has improved to the point that anyone with basic computer-operating skills can launch their own full-featured network. 


Should you launch your own Facebook Clone? Hell, no!

Don’t do what Google did. Don’t waste your time for yet another generic social network with sole purpose to overthrow Facebook. Let Mark Zuckerberg do what he does and move along. They have the money, talent and experience to do it right. The world doesn’t need another generic social network.


Launch a niche, interest-based community site! 

Just think about something you are truly passionate about. Like, say, playing a bass guitar. Or, maybe, strategy games. Or, even, gluten-free pastry! 


And next, just go download DolphinPro and launch your very own social network focused solely on that area of interest. Not only you will multiply your chances for success, but you will also genuinely enjoy he process of building, customising, managing and extending your community website.


With software like DolphinPro you have full control over your site design, functionality, content, policies, everything! It’s not like some Facebook Group, which can be taken away from you any time, and where you can’t even place your own ads, change design or form fields. DolphinPro gives you complete freedom!

Start now and change the Internet! 

By launching an independent niche community site you take the traffic (read “power”) away from IT corporations and back to individuals, small businesses, enthusiasts groups, causes and families. You revive creation of unique organic content and focus on specific interests. You create social networks that matter!


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yes, is absolutely true
Exactly what I have done. The future looks good for targeted social networks. Just recently I seen a commercial for "farmersonly dot com;" what a brilliant site.
I have a great idea for a site that would compliment very nicely: I think it would be a big hit with those farm boys.
The website in the picture says Dolphin on it. Is that the new look of Dolphin? When is that coming out?
Andrew Boon
That's one of the iterations of Dolphin 7.2 - work in progress. We don't know when it's coming out yet, but the work is going on at full pace. We plan the first beta in a few weeks.
I was just looking at that pic too, it looks good!
Andrew, please tell people to stop creating Dolphin dating sites. 700,000 Dolphin based dating sites are enough.
Now why would Boonex want to tell people not to create dating sites with Dolphin; the last time I looked, Boonex was making money from people creating dating sites with Dolphin.
Andrew Boon
7 billion people. Every one is capable of joining at least 10 sites. 70 billion "members" - that's 100,000 members for every site you've mentioned. Convert them at 10% with 10$/month membership, and webmaster gets a nice 100K/month income. All good. :)
Well then... I guess my idea of a site called isn't such a bad idea after all.
Andrew Boon
Do it! The world is always on the lookout for creative beginnings.
Lot of good advice there from Andrew!!!
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