Stability, Security, Spam-Prevention and More - Dolphin 7.1.3 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 4th of June 2013 in News. 37 comments.

One more service update with important security patches, some bug fixes and most notably a bunch of handy functionality improvements. This is arguably the most worthwhile update after 7.1, even if just for the anti-spam features. Interestingly, spammers and spambots tried to infest our demo site, giving us a unique opportunity to monitor their behaviour and test the new anti-spam tools. As a result Dolphin is much more resilient now.

Bugs List



Live demo 




Next up...

After this update we're going to engage into development and improvement of a "bigger" thing, addressing long-standing challenges for Dolphin, Market and BoonEx in general, so stay tuned and keep your claws sharp!

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Good News, Thanks for your work..
Good News, "slideshow pictures" would be good for dolphin 7.1.4
we've been using 7.1.3 Beta. Are we set or do we need to download upgrade? In the upgrade instructions, I don't see a "7.1.3 Beta to 7.1.3"
The beta was announced here. and specifically stated this. IMPORTANT: this version is not suitable for production sites and there will be no upgrade packs for it. So you cannot upgrade the Beta. You need to do a new install. It was not suppose to be used for a production site.
Well, isn't that just dandy. There's no way to update the files from beta? How different is the final version compared to beta? So, if we keep the beta, we cannot upgrade to another version in the future?
save your site and database, and then made ​​a new installation of dolphin 7.1.3 and restored database files followed your old site
Thank You lynxmondz! That worked for me
Upgrade successfully.
Thanks for Boonex.
When will the new version of mobile apps show up?
save your site and database, and then made ​​a new installation of dolphin 7.1.3 and restored database files followed your old site
we need the video with subtitles for deaf

very good!!
build Dolphin with subtitles?
America many Subtitles
all TV Programs with Subtitles very good,
Youtube with Subtitles very good

Germany all no Subtitles
all TV Programs no Subtitles no Subtitles no Subtitles

14.6.2013 Demo Sign Language in Berlin Germany

Coming Soon TV information

We see more love and hope dolphin with subtitles
It is possible to implement it as 3rd-party module, build-in HTML5 Player gives an example on how to replace standard audio/video player with custom one.
If audio are included in videos. Then we demand subtitles (CC) in videos as well! Mister Boon stated, "Yep, we're working on some HTML5 video implementation. It will improve gradually once we have it working."

I only see two updates according to videos in this version (poster and thumbnail). I think it's time to implement subtitle (CC) in the next update. Otherwise, you're being audism. This was in my blog of Ideas & Dreams 2 years ago. Testing our patiences must end. So, we are see more asking again,..."SUBTITLE NOW, PLEASE!"
Thank you! Good Work :-)
for dolphin 7.1.4: able to search in "IP Blacklist system" because can not have more quickly find a user to block (IP) that decrease the robots,
I would suggest the following modification:
Great work and I've seen many improvements in the past months that, to me, made it worth buying a license. However, besides the great work already done, I hope the next step is memory consumption.

When I looked at all the data that was accessible to me for the Advanced Password Forgot module I wrote ( (for those interested)), I noticed there was a lot of data available to me, and a lot of that data was available to me multiple times in different see more classes and arrays.

I'm sure you know how to access the data yourself, but if not, I'm more than happy to share the data that is loaded in memory from my local test server (there are no passwords, etc.)

To me this seems like a lot of overhead that is not needed if objects/classes would be made available by default. It would make it easier to develop modules and overall less memory and processing time would be needed to load pages/modules, etc. I should not have to create a DB object, or template object. The process handling module by Boonex should know what type of call to make.

Another thing that is disturbing, is that code is loaded (and distributed to browsers) while there is no need to have certain libraries, etc. loaded. It is a waste of bandwidth, processing time and memory on both the server and client.

Like I said before, a lot of improvements have been made, but I believe there relatively easy is a lot more to gain.
Thank you for your fixes in this version and the suggestions, it would be great if you could be more descriptive about particular suggestions in the forum (please send me link if you post it). However if it will cause structural changes, we will consider it for future major versions update.
Everything went smoothly.
Hello all. I just upgraded my site to 7.1.3. and I just can't register on the site. Instead its showing message that its a spam registration. Any inputs on how to fix this? I am using following mods for join form.
& Drake field in join form
It worked when I disabled "Smart antispam check". What does this function do?
This is some JavaScript check, if you have some JS error on join page this check can become broken.
Thank you... very nice to see fixes and improvements being added to make D7.1 a more stable and secure version.
im having problems with this version , audio and video files wont convert or play
Please post in forums with detailed description of the problem.
hi alex just posted the bug
The SPAM enhancements are worth their weight in gold to me. I get 15 + spam accounts a day and they are driving me nuts trying to keep up with them. If I don't keep up with them they quickly fill up the New Members block.

Thanks Boonex Community, Great Job!
Can boonex staff please read this as its causing major problems
i have installed this script 3 times now , the audio mod does not work
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.