Andrew Boon posted 27th of June 2011 in Boonex News. 12 comments.

In line with upcoming changes in BoonEx Market policies we are adding a new status - SuperModerator. This status will only be assigned manually by BoonEx to long-serving, trusted moderators with good track record. One may not nominate for this status.


SuperModerators will have additional powers compared to Moderators. Namely, they will be able to approve Websites submissions, select "Staff Picks" and "Featured" content and also hide content and profiles for long time or permanently. Moderators will only be able to hide content for a short period of time. There will also be other tools, tba.


Another important difference is that the new "Courtesy Seal" may require at least one SuperModerator vote to be approved. So, we are investigating a possibility of allowing SuperModerators download paid products for review. This is not certain yet, however and we ecnourage Vendors to open downloads to Moderators and SuperModerators voluntary. 


And finally, once this functionality is enabled, we will have 3 SuperModerators - Nathan Paton, jtadeo and Zarcon.

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I would like more to see deano a one os supermoderators as by my opinion jtadeo..whos that ?Im here long time but never see any his post... Zarcon is great ...
Andrew Boon
Funnily, I can't really remember the time when jtadeo wasn't around yet ;)
Any one who doesn't already know jTadeo should make an effort to get to know him. He's one of if not THE most knowledgeable and helpful people associated with Dolphin. He is a great guy and a perfect example of some one who quietly works behind the scenes without the need for recognition or displaying a flamboyant presence.
as you may or may not know, i am a huge follow of jtadeo, and honestly, he does not frequent boonex much as of late. most likely too busy. great guy though, was he even notified of this new responsibility?

Hey SuperMods,

Wishes for your super cool moderations :)

btw, is there any cheats to become super mod? wel, Not for me :)

FTW! i play too much of Enclave game:
Good news, Big Congrats to Zarcon, JTadeo and Nathan :)
I guess I should say thanks first for the consideration of SuperModerator (@freakpower - thanks for the shoutout). I have always been one for adding more moderation tools, but here are some suggestions I have to offer:

- The ability to lock/unlock forum topics
- The ability to create stickys in forums
- Edit/Hide 'Notes' comments for spamming/flaming (not just the note itself)
- Edit/Hide Market reviews/comments for spamming/flaming (not just the market posting itself )

Courtesy see more Seal:
This should definitely be JUST an option. I would think that not everyone would be willing to allow SuperMods to download paid mods, although if thats what the developer wants, then so be it. This does tend to open a new can of worms though. Here are some other suggestions for that:

- If the developer does want a SuperMod to give them their approval on a 'Courtesy Seal' then they should contact one of the SuperMods FIRST. There should be an agreement between the two before testing/approving, meaning that not all SuperMods will be available or may not have a test site for testing the module.
- I think that we (SuperMOds) should not be 'required' to give courtesy seals.
- SuperMods should also have the option to 'opt out' of a courtesy seal. An example would be: If Nathan didnt want to give approval on a courtesy seal, then maybe I would or vice versa.
- For the developers who do not wish to allow a SuperMod to download their product, then maybe there can be a way to allow them access to a complete installation/operations manual of the product for review. If this is the case, there needs to be a way to indicate that the market item was NOT installed or tested. Only a 'Read-Only Review'.
- I think that we should have categories when approving for courtesy seals. One example would be (and one that concerns me most when purchasing a module) is if there is need to alter core dolphin files when installing. You could do something like:
- Admin Install (No core files altered)
- Minimal Code change (1 core file to edit)
- Moderate Code Change (2-3 core files to edit)
- Extensive Code Change (4+ core files to edit)

Im sure there is more I will think of.. This is just a start.
Oh. And also, we should be able to indicate if the module requires domain/license registration. This seems to be a hot topic for some purchasers of the market place.

If the SuperMod actually installs/tests the module for a courtesy seal, it needs to be known that the purchaser may STILL have issues if their site contains other modifications/modules that may cause conflicts without liability on the SuperMod.

SuperMods should also have the ability to moderate a 'regular' moderator. Just in case see more :)
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