Trident a11 - The Last Alpha

Andrew Boon posted 16th of February 2015 in News. 33 comments.

This is the last "alpha" release of the Trident platform. Next one will be a beta, which means we won't be adding any more new features until final release. So, between now and Beta it is the last chance to squeeze in some new functionality or even changes in existing features. Feel free to share your ideas in comments. 


Another important piece of news is the beginning on Trident extensions sales (we'll be calling the "apps"). While most of the apps are free, we'll be selling 3 apps - Albums, Invites and "Ocean" Template. At this stage we mostly want to test buying process, installation, updates, licenses checks, etc. Our prices may also work as an indication of what we expect to see as a general pricing benchmark of different apps. Albums, for example, being a full-blown module is priced at $50. Invites (allows for "invitation only" registration and sending invites to friends) is a smaller module with basic functionality - $20. And a design template is $30. Currently it is still possible to download those modules for free from GitHub and test them. If you do buy them, however, your purchase would be remembered and honoured when the final versions become available. 


What's new in Trident a11


- Albums

Media upload and sharing is finally available in Trident. Instead of separating media types we decided to allow uploads of both photo and video formats, since they seem to be generally sitting side-by-side in real-life use cases. Albums have individual pages for every media file, comments and "darkroom" gallery.




- new reCaptcha

- Russian translation

- classes auto-loader

- plugins updated to the latest versions: spin.js, ffmpeg, masonry, moment.js, jquery auto-resize, tinymce, timepicker addon, jquery, fontawesome

- new images engine (with images auto-rotate)

- original image format is preserved during resizing

- improvements in administration tools

- fixes and improvements in Studio

- design fixes and improvements

- cover images in persons and orgs modules can be deleted now

- persons and orgs profiles can be edited without uploading new image

- description field in persons & orgs modules

- sex field was removed from persons module (yeah, last shadow of "dating" is gone)

- unified moderation without splitting to admins and moderators pages

- design improvements and fixes in Timeline

- full view mode for Posts snippets

- "Note" text for invitation request in Invites module

- order support for different sections in search results



Links and Plugs

Plug 1: This is Alpha. Not feature-final. Not tested. Not to be used on production sites.

Plug 2: Already installed sites should be updated automatically.


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are u guys planning to add modules like blog , forum and file atlest ...
u already said u guys are not going to add more feature... without these module how we gonna move from dolphin to trident..
Andrew Boon
There's a "Posts" app, that works much like Blogs or Notes. No Forums just yet, but Post can also be used for that. For internal communication there's a Conversations module with multiple participants support.
hi. posts is like timeline post..which is good but ..
we need actual blog module where we can create category and sub-category..

atleast add blog and file module ..and give us option to move from dolphin to trident..

is it possible to go live with trident beta version..?
Andrew Boon
Dolphin has Timeline posts AND a blog-like Posts module where you publish full-page articles with rich text, photos and comments.

"Files" module is not planned yet. In fact we don't plan to produce a lot of Trident modules ourselves - for us it's about the core and ecosystem.

When beta is out, it would be technically possible to launch a live site with it, since it's upgradable (even this alpha is upgradable), but still mind the "beta" status.
hi..thanks for blog like post module..
any chance u can add category and tag option in this module..

and thumbs up button in post is not working ..

and what repost do..after clicking repost button on someone else post did nothing ..
i can't see that post in my posts or in my timeline..
so where did i repost ..
Andrew Boon
Yes, it should re-post to your timeline. Are you testing on the demo or on your own installation?
i tested on boonex demo site..its not working..
but repost is working in demozzz trident testing site..

but still thumbs up is not working don't show any indication that i click on thumbs up..maybe color change after click would be nice.. and number of like that post have.
Thank you for the report, the problem has been fixed.
Upon clicking "Thumb up" the button is disabled and the number near the button is incremented.
hi..all accounts and post in boonex trident demo site gone..
did u guys remove it ..or its some sort of bug..

and in my timeline i can't see text post something on my it disabled..
This demo is part of continuous integration system, demo is automatically reinstalled upon each commit to the repository.

Post to Timeline block is back, please let me know if you see it disabled again.
By the way, "Posts" module supports files attachments as well, to do this - just enable all file types in the storage engine (in the database using phpMyAdmin, for example).
i see only picture attachment...can i attach other format like word or .rar file..

also is there any way to insert picture directly into text editor..

uploading through attachment and then inserting to text editor show that same picture in attachment and in post ...which i don't want

there should be an option to make attach file from attachment area invisible ..
or make whole attachment area invisible..
You can attach other file types if you enable these file types in Posts storage engine - this is small change in the database, for example in Conversation module you can upload different file types.

There is a button near the image to insert it to the post.

You can make whole attachments area invisible in Studio Page Builder.
Trident like as same google plus , please make more same features and give two more module in post Classified and Store and it will better if we upload pictures or videos etc to post or other modules after save all in album like google plus. and please post system make same google plus alignment .
Andrew Boon
Thank you for suggestions. We're not trying to mimic any particular social network functionality - just trying the best options, but eventually some of the features you suggest will appear in Trident.
Still no adjustment/cropping of cover and profile picture. At last you renamed it to subscription timeline. Why it mention no comments in conversation instead of no msg? only sender can send file and receiver can only reply with picture. I am unable to see the timeline on demo so i can't see what is posted and reposted on my timeline. Thanks for adding order support in search result. Still it will take long time to be a proper social networking tool.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for the observations. You may not see timeline since it's not added to the page where you're expecting it? You can just to to "Pages" builder in Studio and add the timeline block where you want it.
Andrew Boon
Ah, the "comment" instead of "message" in Conversations is the leftover from the "parent" module. We'll be changing these where we find them.
Will there be a "world map" module?
Andrew Boon
Hope so. :) We do not plan to release it just yet, though.
Folks, this is still Alpha code; the idea is to get the core of the platform stable. More modules will be coming as the platform is developed. The modules now are mainly for testing the module part of the platform and to test the market part of buying modules and adding them to the core platform.
In New conversation you can send msg to any one on website who arn't even your friends. May be its twitter type @ thing. I didn't understand the purpose of having comments under the conversation. if you want to reply a person either u can comment on the msg or you have to start a new conversation, which will make the inbox full just for 1 person same like email system. can you please kindly install all the apps so we can test it properly and give you a proper feedback :) i think the thank you button see more is also not working
Thank you for the feedback, please could you specify where exactly "Thank you" button isn't working ? also what account did you use ?
I just checked you liked/thanked my post through admin. Also tested from both user and organization accounts. Thank you buttons are not working any where (Outline,Post and albums). So right now its only working for admin not for the users.
Thank you for the report, the problem has been fixed.
A suggestion : May be the notification can come in a hovering button ( like back to top button) on left or right instead of top. So when a user click it, it also refresh or take the user to that page. So for example there are 4 notifications. 4 hovering buttons will appear in vertical format each mentioning about each notification and they will disappear by clicking each one by one or 1 main button to dismiss all.
I was on album of trident and tried to share on facebook but I was not able to post on facebook as it was not fetching image to post on facebook. I don't understand it is an error or my browser mistake but wanted to inform you
hi..i checked this fb share stuff on demozzz trident testing site..its working over there..
this is his site

boonex trident testing site is like pain in the ass..many things wont work..something wrong with boonex
hi..after clicking like button ..i can't unlike clicking it this a bug or this undo like option is not available..
You can't undo the like option . one way
I am a little late to the party, but since it is still alpha-
two things that would impress me would be if:
1. Have the members searchable in a dating site format if possible, i.e. by gender or some variable.

2. Have adsense ready banner placement that WON'T get you banned from adsense. By this I mean not only placement, but disable the showing of adsense banners to the administrators. I had modified my osdate script in this fashion when i realized that while moderating all new users for see more approval i was also viewing adsense ads (something that will get you banned from adsense).

These two features "built in" to the core of trident would seem to be very good features to add to the list when selling it to your new customers. imho
hi.. april month is here..when beta version of trident will release..
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