Welcome to the party, Google+!

Andrew Boon posted 30th of June 2011 in Boonex News. 21 comments.

Internet is abuzz. Oh, and surely enough we are quite excited too. A new contender is about to emerge. Opinions and first impressions are posted everywhere and it's hard not to see how many people have a strong anti-Facebook stance. Should Google+ prove to be a hit, we should all benefit. We do need a little bit of fragmentation in social graphs, making people a bit more eager to jump ships. 


As for technical side of things... those funky "Circles" sure look interesting, but they are essentially a lipstick on the "friends groups" system. Everything else also looks familiar, but with a fresh new look. Anyway, there're some good takeaways that will find their way to D8.


We haven't got an invite yet (anybody wants to share?), just going by their interactive tour and screenshots, so some bits aren't clear yet, but it's definitely refreshing to see some new UI approaches in action.


Hey, Google! Welcome to the social!

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well i read this and though hmpffff, seems like another attempt at reviving google buzz, that one sure fell off quickly.
Andrew Boon
The trick here is that it's not Facebook, but is a lot like Facebook, which, couples with their other services may work out well this time.
Seriously i love this approach, as i am bored to the bones with facebook
Don't write off google and this +1 is a gift in my mind................It has already proven to be very helpful to my site..........I put it in the breadcrums and it is working perfeclty and grouping pages on google just like I hoped four.......................

If you try to +1 a link that is broken it tells you it is broken......................with a red block..........
Sent a PM for an invite :)
Nathan Paton
I demand an invite. I know you can send more than one.
Sent out several invites, won't anymore because Google+ is at capacity and NONE of the invites I sent out have worked. :(
see moreWell I am tired of facebook and twitter. I am not a big fan of google either, but if they can silence them just a tiny bit I would be happy. I don't know that they are perfect either. Privacy issues and all that too. A giant corporation, and likely willing to squish all us little folks if necessary, but what do we do? I am tired of facebook, twitter, and all that social media stuff. From what I've seen in the media they got some interesting features. Should be interesting to see what becomes of it.
Same with me, i'm tired to be here, but i love dolphin so much :P
i Use facebook and twitter to contact my friends,
so, there is no reason to be tired using their FREE services
Well, everything look like facebook now,
If we are talking abt social network thn it surely wud be like facebook... i think what matters is that what else they have to offer.. i think google+ will be a place where all google services will be made available.
To people who are commenting it looks like Facebook, take a look at this ( http://goo.gl/l5vuP ).
google+ and facebook sucks! dolphin rocks!! ;-)
I got an invite within two hours of it opening, and was so active on Google Buzz that I know many of the Google folks there. It is fantastic - I love it. When are you guys going to build a Google Auth lognin like you did for Facebook - I have been begging for it forever. Andrew - I know the trick to get you invited - it won't come right away, but if I put you in a "circle" and mention you in a post, you will get an invitation. I'll go do that right now.
i hope that google+ destroy the facebook !
I think this is another attempt by google. first failure attempt was (Orkut). It seems they tried on OS level with windows, and failed. So they stop that one for now!..now, google is trying vs. Facebook (second round) .Will see now!..I just tired it..yea..I see those blue circle. Ok..I see...Personally not too excited about it...as for invitation..AntonV..send me your email and I will invite your..(if you have not been invited yet). Just pass me your email at boonex...
PM me. I can get an invite for you. :)
Finally got my google+ invite.
if you want a invite simple sent your e-maiL :P
I can send an invitation to those who want it
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