where to edit the url link of this menu?

apple1165 posted 19th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.


where to edit the url link of this menu?


especilly the forum, because i change my ORCA forum to phbb. my ORCA forum is not working so i change to phbb but the link in the forum at my pages is http://www.domain.com/orca and the phbb is www.domain.com/forum

what file to go and edit. pls need help

 i did not find for two day search of my own in need your help.


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If you are trying to integrate phpbb into dolphin good luck, this is tough. It usually requires a lot of work, and isn't as simple as just uploading phpbb to the forum directory. There is some info in the forums, but it's a little confusing. Why does orca not work? Not that orca is any good any way.
Go to builders section in admin. You can make changes to menu links in menu builder
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