sorry i dont get what you mean?
you say you got my posted blog, but no link to the one in question.
you make it sound like i said something wrong, so dont trust me.
the one thing you'll learn about me, is i am open and honest, i speak my mind, and i take no shit from anyone.

if i see something dishonest, i tell you, if i see boonex making a mistake, i post it and tell them about it.

i am not little miss perfect, but i am honest.
i have used dolphin from 6,0,0002, i thought it was great see more then, till i used it on a live site, and boy did i get a wake up call.

I could see the potential in dolphin and the direction it was headed in, so i stuck it out, and continued to use it for my live site.

6.0.0003 came out and so did the bug reports, i didnt update my live site, 6.0.0004 came out, again i held back with 6.0.0002 and waited, 6.0.0005 came out, and i waited for a month then upgraded. it was the bees knees, but still had issues.

6.1.0000 came out and wow i think we entered a time warp. dolphin took a huge step forward and 3 steps back. (boonex set a date for this and were 2 months behind, so it was released under pressure from users)

biggest mistake boonex ever made and i made sure they knew it. (i get -12 to -18 neg rep now, because i speak the truth).

but the truth is, that dolphin is the most advanced script you can use. just be sure you follow the minimum requirements and use secure hosting.

From 6.1.2 it was ready to use and will take off in no time. 6.1.3 is and improvement, but more or less, addresses security issues and a few solved bugs,

last year with 6.0 dolphin was reborn, this year we have teething problems, next year, look out, i am sure dolphin comes of age and everyone on the planet is interested in her.

so dont be scared, enjoy the ride, i have, and i will for years to come.

you need your own RMS if you go ad free, some of us offer the use of our RMS if you cant use your own.

everything in the ray folder needs to be changed for ad free thats all. and edit one file in there,

You are deadly with your sarcasm you know that? And a riot you are so blatantly yourself and invariably...right on the money...even though your advice is always free.

But I am still convinced your talents are wasted here and you have a secret doctorate in programing and must have graduated top of your Clown School. And if I honestly thought that anyone here had any money I would ask everyone to chip in to get you a bunch of phony degrees to give you access to all the weapons see more of mass destruction programs on the planet...where I am likewise convinced you could manage to get them all to self destruct...ten minutes after entering any of the buildings of Absolute Evil they are located in, angel.

On the other hand, I predict that someone is going to give you a well deserved eulogy someday by singing at your funeral, "They say that when a great politician dies sometimes a cherub sheds a tear...mostly out of relief. But when a clown dies...not even demons are weeping."

Live long and prosper, princess! LOL ;-)
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