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I hate that you can't delete or edit your posts after whatever the time limit is. Anyway the bottom line is alot of people are shopping around for their own social networking software. Because of the popularity of sites like facebook, myspace, and even twitter. This will bring dolphin alot of NEW customers. You can't expect for someone to just blindly invest their money in something that is full of bugs. Or not even ready to be fully released. I am using d6.16 but have decided not to invest see more anything till i see how dolphin 7 turns out. I feel lucky because i didnt just decide to jump right in spending money before testing the waters. Boonex has to realize they are not just geared to people that have had dolphin sites for years and years but to new customers as well. Which is why they are a business, and not just giving away some free open source software. They sell something for almost 1000 dollars, I think that warrants people to be alittle cautious before investing money with them don't you? It also gives people the right that have invested money to be a little upset with the rate at which things are handled, and the lack of any real support.
Again this is a legitimate business not some yahoo booter site, where people are giving away some free chat client. Everyones opinion should be equally important whether anyone agrees with it or not imo.
And you have invested nothing. As far as your whine concerning the $1000.00 goes, that's nothing when it comes to operating a business. What? You think a $1000.00 is a lot of money? If you think that's a high price to pay for the base of your company then you need to begin to rethink what your getting into. Let me help you out on this one.

If you are designing a dating site you can expect the following:

Google Adwords: $30,0000.00 US per month, might get you 1,0000 members back out see more of that investment. Be prepared to invest this as a loss for the first year.

Twitter Ads: Prepare to dump another $15,000 - $20,000 US the direction of Twitter, they're becominga major player in the advertising sector and as such, your gonna have to buy those ads if you want to catch the individuals who are doing other things.

SEO: Better be ready to dump countless hours or turn over a minimum of $10,000.00 US if you want your site to land high in the search engines. SEO is a powerful tool that if done right will deliver amazing results, if done wrong your dead in the water and will likely never recover from the damage you do trying to figure this one out.

Now, you haven't even gotten into the layout of your site. Better cough up some more money if you want to seperate it from the rest and get some custom graphics/tables included into it.

Then we have site functionality. If you can get anyone to build you a decent site for $2k then you have a miracle, in this were talking about Dolphin. Site builds have run several thousands of dollars for a truly good site that has full functionality and works across the board for your users in all browsers.

So, you keep whining about that $1K US for the license and realize your not even close to having a site that anyone wants to bother with for that license fee... Not even close... All that gets you is the base to start with...
Ok mydatery first off i can do website design myself, I would need to get it coded however IF thats what i decide to do. 1,000 dollars is alot of money to spend on something that doesn't work. To me 5 dollars is too much to spend on something that doesn't work. Maybe you have money to throw out but I don't. 30,000 dollars a month on adwords is a bit high don't you think? Then twitter adds $20,000 a month? Seriously are you just throwing these figure out of thin air? Then 10k dollars on search see more engine optimization if you are paying this much (which i seriously doubt) then more power to you. But that is wayyyy too much to spend on a start up online business. Let's get real. Again like i said in my previous post that is your opinion, and i have mine just because i don't agree with what you are saying doesnt mean i am whining. When i invest money i expect to get some sort of reasonable return for my investment no matter what it is. If you just throw money out just to throw it out, you would be better off playing the lottery or something.
You know "mistertunechat" I guess your forgetting some majorly important items:

1. D7 (AKA Hookie) is not yet in a stable release version and the Beta's are nothing more than previews of what is to come. So why are you whining that it has bugs when it's not even available for use in a production type environment.

2. You better do some checking again if your looking to enter the SNS/DN (Social Networking Site/Dating Network) business. $30K a month on adwords is considerd bottom see more of the barrel, and yeah, it'll get you about a 1000 members out of that. Of course, I guess your the pro with all the experience of buying adwords and such so we should bow down to you.

3. Numbers for Twitter and SEO are also accurate. Of course, you get what you pay for and if your not willing to invest in your company... Oh yeah.. You want the entire script custom made for you for $1k, no wonder...

4. Of course $1k is to much for something that doesn't work... But it's not being released as a working script... Oh yeah, we covered that in item #1...

5. To design websites is a hell of a lot more than colors... You need to look at functionality of the site, programming of the site (this would be creation of the script and the DB), integration of different things and so much more... Of course, you do website design as long as someone else writes the script... Hmmm... Doesn't sound like website design to me... Sounds like you do graphics... Big difference between you and Boonex.

Methinks it's time you get off your high horse, it's way to big for ya and get back up on the porch while the big dogs handle things...
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