i think the whole aspect of man/woman male/female should be set as secondary, and get away from the meetup hit the sack kind of environment. social networking is not about man/woman, its about an entirety of the community as a whole socializing.

it has been pushed for quite some time to gear dolphin towards business networking and social networking, and get away from the whole match making environment.

this also seems very limited in its performance, as it would tend to belong to see more some niche environment.

The man/woman male/female should be a field that a site owner can add when he/she wants to. Now it's coded into Dolphin. Leaving this away would give site owners more possibilities to create own genders or profile types which would show in browse or search. Now if you change man/woman male/female or add extra genders it won't show. Will still show man/woman male/female.
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