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The new design looks pretty good. The overall navigation has become difficult especially for the market posts. It was much easier before to go through the market posts and ratings. Right now, it has become a little difficult in our opinion.

The navigation on the left is eating up too much space. It's always good to have navigation on the top in an horizontal fashion as that way the width of the page can increase readability.

Secondly, try to reduce the price for the ad posting i.e. $10/day, see more I think it should be $20/week or something...that would make it more affordable for the developers and help us promote our products.

Just our 2 cents as a mod developer :)
Nathan Paton
I wouldn't mind the navigation menu being on the side as much if it was more compact, and maybe had a drop-down button to quickly expand/close groups of menu items.

I also agree with the price of ads, mainly because I want to pay for ad space for my wonderful profile for an extended period of time.
Andrew Boon
Price of ads is quite temporary now. Eventually we plan to make it either auction or CPC-based.
Nathan Paton
And will I be able to advertise like, say, my profile?
Andrew Boon
any page within domain
I have to agree. $10.00AUD or over $11USD per day is to high. I will not run ads very often at those prices.
Andrew Boon
As you may guess it's supply-demand question. We will be updating the system to allow some flexibility.
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