By charging the $20 upgrade price, you are basically telling the developers not to post any updates to the products for the customers. Usually developers post frequent updates and most of them for free to help the customers but now by imposing the fee, you are basically trying to stop that...totally DISAGREE to the upgrade price.Just because a few customers have experienced issues with few developers does not mean that everyone should suffer.
Here;s our recommended solution. You already see more have a review system in place, just change the market navigation in such a way that the review system is highly respected and the products are shown in that order. Right now, it seems that the order in which products are display take the reviews very lightly.
Andrew Boon
Well, I don't think that update per se should require a new review, but it may be in the best interest of the vendor, since it is likely to improve the review report.
Please make categories display throughout entire market.. like joomla extensions, so all market pages, module pages, have categories on the side:
Currently few customers complained to me that its impossible to find any mods in the market, very difficult, thanks.
Andrew Boon
Categories are online now. Let me know what you think about this way of representation. Putting them to all pages would be a little too much for navigation, I guess.
Great! thanks for quick response too.
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