andrew what i think happens here is a bundle attempt concept. not all things are to be liked, and as you say, you may wish to follow or track or watch something, but not necessarily 'like' or consider it to be ok. so not all things can fall under the bundle of one construct.

as you say, you dont like meat exporters, but you would like to watch or follow certain threads or aspects of what is going on, for whatever purposes you need.

though if there was an article written where the banning of see more exportation of meat from Australia had been implemented, you may very well 'like' that and also wish to 'follow' the topic.

so i think again you are close in your concept of +Pos or -Neg for some things, which require an opinion, but if you are interested in ongoing results, this would not necessarily fill that requirement, and you may have been better to 'follow' or 'track' the subject or topic?
Andrew Boon
Well, my goal is to figure out something "universal" that can be later substituted by webmaster as per their specific purpose. So, I was thinking that something like +OK and -OK being quite neutral and slightly "communicating" (not just plain + - ) might work.
Andrew Boon
Also, with, say "Pos" and "Neg" the problem is that "Neg" is always only revoking of "Pos" and isn't actually an expression of negative attitude, but the word makes it feel like it is.

Another example - today's BUG hunt. One has to 'Like' a bug to push it up, but funnily they have to do it with the bugs they dislike most :D .
yeah this one should be fun..... because it seems that not only are you seeking something expressed and universal, but you are trying to bring to entities together, that may not actually mashup.

why not consider dumping what has been, and just create your own acronym or pseudonym.
drop off of what has already been established, and come up with uniqueness.....

i had just submitted this, but thought of something, as i was about to close the browser.

a sliding scale which could at one end, see more have the + or 100% which 100% could also be utilized for follow or track, but not necessarily depict your favortism, and it could be named Interest Scale

so at one end, would be 100% which would also provide for a track
the other end could have -100% and indicate either a dislike or non-interest in the subject or topic.

so on the rule, you could at say some point, establish something around +80% enable the follow marker
on the other end, -80% would indicate 0 interest and not necessarily declare that you dislike the matter, but just have no interest.......

oh well that was my fleeting thought....

yeah this is a good one......
Andrew Boon
Interesting idea... Sounds more like an idea for 3rd party plugin though, but might be a cool social interaction tool.

As for own acronym - I wish we could :( We're under the curse of software development as opposed to site development. We have to make it clear, translatable, unbranded.
this is interesteing, A new concept. perhaps it needs more thought But I see no reason why it would not work.
" + " = "Like"
" - " = "Don't like"
" : " = "Follow"

A "Neutral" button is completely superfluous. Why? Because you don't like, dislike, or follow on something you feel neutral about. Indifference ("neutral") requires no action, therefore should require no button.

Why should " : " be used as a symbol for "Follow"?

Symbolically the " : " is two points (dots). One above (or see more positive) relative to the other. A person may be indifferent about a topic, blog, forum, post, picture, but still want to "Follow" both the positive and negative things about it in the future (and past).

Mathematically* the " : " symbol is used as part of a set-builder** notation "...stating the [positive, negative, and neutral comments] properties that its members (users) must satisfy." A set is a collection of elements or members.**

Grammatically a " : " is used in citing references at a local, as opposed to specific street address or broad state or country, level of where and when something is published. As well as when a list of examples are to follow a point as listed below:

- You are reading this point you are following what I listed after the " : "
- If you've read this far then you may agree that the " : " may be more intuitive of a character to symbolize "Follow" that you had originally thought. ;-)

I believe a slider would just ad another element of complexity to something that should be kept very simple.

Someone could both "Like" a topic and also "Follow":

Example "+:Kittens" wold be to like and follow Kittens.

Someone could both "Don't like" (work with me here) and "Follow" a topic:

Example "-:Murder" would be to not like or be a fan of Murder, but want to follow the topic.

Finally, a " : " could follow both sides, positive and negative, of an item, topic, etc. without having to
disclose whether or not you like or don't like it:

Example ":abortion" would mean to follow something you regardless of how you feel about it personally.

Feedback is welcome. Please note I am not a premium member and do enjoy contributing to the topics so please do not close the discussions off to just premium members if you found my input helpful.

* Mathematical symbols:
**Set-builder notation:
*** References (Citations):
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