As I stated earlier, I'm not sure it would be exactly fair to 'hide' the product just because one person has sent an email and did not receive a reply the same day. We need a more detailed layout of how this should work. One detail would be 'What is an appropriate time frame to respond to emails/forum post regarding support'. 24, 48, 36, 72 hours??? What about vacations, weekends.. etc..
Nathan Paton
I agree, we shouldn't jump on hiding products without good reason. I think if the person has been waiting a week and heard nothing back from the developer, that would allow for hiding the affected products. I think developers should always announce when they are on vacation, and keep information about their support, such as where it's provided, what times, etc.

I don't view someone half a day for a reply as not receiving support. I view that person as just being impatient.
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