I sincerely do not like how the disputes are handled. In turn I do not like how you are handling us members.

1. I feel it is public humiliation for both parties of disputes to write on a public forum..
2. I feel disputes should be handled professionally and confidentially by a trained support team who gets paid
3. Doesn't Boonex make enough money to pay for services rendered.?
4. leaving out most of what I would like to say......................................

No one has burnt me, I am see more not angry, I just do not agree with how boonex is run and about time I said so, right here since this entire place is like visiting a public flogging and humiliation seems the sport of the day.,.. I have paid a lot of money and uncountable amount of hours like so many others here to get a product that is unworthy to have live members on.

5. Who else likes having there disputes handled publically.. It is not easy to write on a forum about a dispute, where everyone can read it. Totally makes me feel someone is having a great laugh at our expense. Its degrading, its wrong and I don't even know if its legal.

What is your opinion.??
Sorry, I think it must remain public knowledge. It is the only way we can keep an eye on who's screwing people.
I storongly disagree. Because disputes are public it serve also also like very good guide which developers are problematic and which are okay. Honst and supporting developers should have not problem with that
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