Text links aren't worth a darn. It used to be dofollow links are the most valuable and even more if they are keyworded anchor text. Google has been changing it up lately. But still anchor text beats a plain old text link any day. Text links are pretty much worthless, kind of like our Boonex forum signatures. The point is? They are worthless for seo anyway. I would take a nofollow signature link over a text link. There are tons of places you can promote your site for free and boost your rankings in see more the process if you want to take the time and do it right. Don't use the crap sites that aren't even worth your time, there are plenty of them out there or spam the heck out of sites or you are wasting your time. It's not that difficult if you take the time. A little time can pay off big time if you know what you are doing. Plenty of info out there on the subject. In the long run if you do it right your search rankings will increase, which will bring you more traffic. It can be done for free too. Do it wrong and you are just wasting your time or money for those of you that out source or waste money on poorly researched seo.
Andrew Boon
I guess it's useful to point out that "dofollow" is just a terms to refer to links that don't use a "nofollow" tag. They are still text links. So, indeed, the "dofollow" links would benefit you both as traffic source and as positions boosters, so they are better. more often than not, if you're using white-hat tactics, such as content-sharing you would be able to get proper dofollow links.
Well, a good signature line here at Boonex that would support a proper text link would be a great start for the community eh?