Why mobile apps are updating so often? Updates and fixes are good, but if you have a couple costumers at the time on 1.7 rebranding, 1.7.1 is coming and makes confuses: when almost all rebranding work done for 1.7, now they are asking to update to 1.7.1 instead.
In any way, thanks for updates.
1.7.1 version update is a quick unplanned fix, we have to make it:
- for Android to fix problem with Facebook login with some facebook accounts (within 6 days after release of 1.7.0, we hope it didn't affect anyone, since rebranding usually takes more time)
- for iPhone to fix version number on about screen (after about a month after 1.7.0, but this is not urgent, and should not affect rebranded versions)
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