Dolphin 7.1.1 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 14th of March 2013 in News. 21 comments.

Early adopters started using Dolphin 7.1 Osho a while ago. Pragmatics, however, opted for wait-n-see strategy. Osho turned out to be a very successful update with awesome new features, fresh new look and great performance. It needed some fixes, though, so pragmatics may have been right. 

Anyway, today we are presenting Dolphin 7.1.1, which should lure everyone aboard. It's a "service" update, but it does have a big list of enhancements that make it really worthwhile even if your 7.1-powered site works well. Let's see...


What New in Dolphin 7.1.1


- jQuery, jQuery-UI, jQuery-Datetime, jQuery-Form, jQuery-Masonry, HTMLPurifier updated to the latest versions (#3057)

- Language corrections, especially in Russian language (#3029)

- Improvements in Facebook module for mobile login/join support (#3023)

- New photo popup for image view in Blogs (#3017)

- Video/sound file length is now updated for HTML5 player as well (#3031)

- "Show modules permissions" added to permissions page in Host Tools (#3019)

- "Share URL" functionality was added to Blogs, Ads, News and Articles (#3004, #3010)

- "Related Files" block for Photos, Videos and Sounds (#3042)

- Site sitemap now supports manually created pages in page builder (#3041)

- Speed and memory optimisation in site sitemap generation (#3056)

- Long text in site stats block fits nicely now (#3009)

- Info and error icons in forms now support touch events  (#3021)

- Comments actions are now tracking by counts in membership levels (#3026)

- Stricter checking for CGI mode in Host Tools audit (#3039)

- Subscribers are now automatically transferred to the new topic created by Autopilot in Forum (#3040)

- Annoying "Are you sure?" message was removed when user tried to navigate from sent message (#3045)

- Absolute URLS are now used in TinyMCE (#3061)

- Permalinks for some URLs were added to Blogs and Ads (#3055, #3062)

- More info for Timeline event when user posts on another user's timeline (#3025)

- Disallow browsing under "compatibility mode" in IE (#3071)

- New optional flag to not send mail in setMembership method (#3066)

- New developer Alerts for buildable pages (#3011)

- Improved IP detection in votings (#3074)



- date field problem in new Chrome 24 and Firefox 19 (#2955)

- profile field of checkbox type wasn't searchable (#3003)

- wrong sounds count in album (#3001)

- avatar was incorrect sometimes when profile photos was used for avatars (#2996)

- number of items in previously rated block wasn't changeable (#2940)

- video comment wasn't counted properly and wasn't shown in spy activity (#3022)

- files manual order wasn't applied everywhere (#3034)

- video upload failed when file name had apostrophe (#3046)

- wrong links to media items for approval in admin stats block (#3063)

- "Set as avatar" button left after Avatar module deletion (#3072)

- profile timeline slider could stop working in particular situation (#3024)

- admin can't access private albums (#3080)

- page wasn't automatically reloaded after upload finished and files are saved (#3081)

- forum Autopilot failed when topic title had apostrophe (#3040)

- changing default language didn't affect forum (#3051)

- banners with CDATA could brake forum (#3070)

- creating new group problem (#3078)

- missing pagination was added for some pages in Blogs (#3013, #3020)

- default privacy values was not applied for Blogs and Ads (#3049)

- manually approved Blogs had category and tags improperly updated (#3059) 

- map wasn't loading in map edit page (#3075)

- server side geocoding wasn't working in World Map (#3082)

- wrong box padding in message view (#3016)

- search for members in admin panel wasn't working when admin hits "Enter" button (#3044)

- sometimes it was wrong friend requests number in member menu (#3048)

- empty comment was left in Timeline after associated entry deletion (#3050)

- some data was left in subscriptions after member deletion (#3065)

- profile submenu was working incorrectly sometimes (#3067)

- manage fans button in Groups wasn't working in IE (#3068)

- some missing translations was added along with fixed typos (#3002, #3007, #3014, #3015, #3028)

- incorrect next page URL in notification page (#3073)

- design bugs in FF browser (#3077)

- warning message in Spy module (#3079)


Fairly big list for the time that passed since 7.1.0 release, isn't it? Some of the items are really important  if not critical, so updating your site is highly recommended.


Download Dolphin 7.1.1

Upgrade instructions - 7.1.0 to 7.1.1


Good luck and let us know how it goes! Next up, we already have some ideas about 7.2, but we certainly want to make sure Osho works well for everyone.


A little extra:

Just a few days ago Dolphin Mobile Apps for iOS and Android have been updated to 1.7.1 with a few tiny fixes. Prime clients may want to update their apps, too.

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i will give it a try today ... thanks!
Thanks for the fixes and enhancement :)
Cool thank you, "we already have some ideas about 7.2" all the great ideas you'll find in the forum ;) like a chat that is usable , action pop up box that makes sense , flash is becoming a big no no ...
Overall good job!
I admit, you guys have been pretty speedy about updates. Thanks

Hopefully you guys will now have a lot more time to work on some of the much needed and begged for functions that will make Dolphin much better
a very great job, thanks..
Well done BoonEx; keep up the good job!
Will upgrade tonight. Nice to see things getting fixed so fast.
Good work at all, thanks a lot!
But still huge problems in groups module: "Manage members" list doesn't scroll when having many fans and promoting a fan as a group-admin in that list doesn't work (only shows cycling circle).
Please report details regarding this problem in forum
I have a new dolphin 7 template and I need someone who can do the customisation of the joing form, the template will be use for swingers so i need users to choose if they are couple,male, female, tx, gay,group.

here is my template:
I am running two of the 7.1.1 with TDMHosting they have some issues with VPS servers, so far base configuration is running but I am adding two customized templates this weekend so will see. I email Igor about CcBill to see if the mod works in 7.1.1 waiting to hear from him.
Why mobile apps are updating so often? Updates and fixes are good, but if you have a couple costumers at the time on 1.7 rebranding, 1.7.1 is coming and makes confuses: when almost all rebranding work done for 1.7, now they are asking to update to 1.7.1 instead.
In any way, thanks for updates.
1.7.1 version update is a quick unplanned fix, we have to make it:
- for Android to fix problem with Facebook login with some facebook accounts (within 6 days after release of 1.7.0, we hope it didn't affect anyone, since rebranding usually takes more time)
- for iPhone to fix version number on about screen (after about a month after 1.7.0, but this is not urgent, and should not affect rebranded versions)
Это же наглость ! Сколько можно делать эти новые бесполезные апдейты ? Вы отстали на 5 лет от всемирных трендов. Не делайте ничего ГОД но представьте общественности что нибудь по истине достойное. Либо если у вас проблемы так не создавайте их другим. Почему апдейт это платная see more услуга стоимостью примерно 50$ и ее предосталяют частные лица ? Почему нет кнопки АПДЕЙТ как у водпресс ? Кто тут вобще придумывает этот весь отсталый бред ??? Кому дать платный коучинг тренинг ЧТО В МИРЕ НЕОБХОДИМО СЕЙЧАС ??? Почему все новости это плохие новости ? Типа мы починили сломанное не рабочее ПО ? Зачем делать ошибки ? У вас платный сервис вы не имеете право на ошибку. А если делаете то вы и должны платить за эту ошибку а не Я.
Обновление можно произвести самому, это делается очень легко. Другое дело, если сайт переделанный и тогда конечно лучше заплатить кому-то, кто заново применит переделки после проведения обновления. Точно также обстоит дело и в том-же самом вордпрессе, если есть сторонние модификации. see more

Ошибки сведены к минимому, болшинство это небольшие улучшения облегчающие жизнь, или баги связанные с совместимость с новыми технологиями, например новые версии браузеров или используемых библиотек.
Особенно легко когда надо обновится на 3 - 4 версии вверх. И необходимо проделывать трюки в четырехкратном размере. Так в вордпресс тоже да ?
Чтобы обновиться на несколько версий сразу, можно залить все нужные обновления на сайт начиная с самого начально в возрастающем порядке, и запустить обновления поочередно, в конце последнего обновления(а не после каждого) сделать такие действия как чистка кэша и изменение see more версии. Т.е. практически не отличается от обновления одной версии (единственное - если есть какие-то ручные шаги, то их нужно сделать вручную - например удаление ненужных файлов)
Hello everyone. I feel great to be associated with Boonex team. Just need a help from you guys. I tried upgrading to Osho. But having some problems with technicalities. Can you do it for us?
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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