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123 Flash Chat, the leading chat software trusted by over 40,000 websites, easy but powerful.

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Update from 123 Flash Chat:

Coming next: 123 Flash Chat will enable user transfer in the next version.
123 Flash Chat recent changes:
1. The HTML 5 Chat is more stable since several editions has released, bugs are fixed.
2. The animated smileys restored into the chat.
3. New bunny emotions is added.
4. 123 Flash Chat added four backgrounds to celebrate 2014 World Cup.
Any questions or comments please let us know.
123 Flash Chat has 30 days trial now totally free and it is very easy to set up, http://www.123flashchat.com/host/apply.php
And you can get your own mobile app now with a $999 discount!
There is a new set of 28 bunny emotions brought in the new version, vivid and amazing!
123 Flash Chat 10.0 vertion has released, we can see a lot of new features.
1 Brand-New UI
The outlook of 123 Flash Chat 10.0 has been significantly updated with totally 16 skins now.
2 Add hand-raising function
a. Regular users can apply to queue for broadcasting video once it is enabled
b. Admins can approve/disapprove users’ request to broadcast video with hand-raising mode
3 Media Player is enabled
a Mp3/mp4/ogg/webm,etc. are supported
b Youtube is supported
c Pause/Play function see more is realized
d Volume control is realized
e Media player can be minimized, maximized and in full screen
f Repeating/previous/next is realized for the playlist
g Auto resizing is realized, media player will be minimized when height is dwindled to a set value
4 Pure HTML5 Client
123 Flash Chat 10.0 has made further progress for HTML5 client to keep abreast with the flash client by enabling the media player, youtube message, silent mute function and moderated chat module, and it has been bracing to witness the HTML5 client has gradually matured with more and more intriguing features.
I think that after searching and trying many other software's, using 123flashchat for 4 years now it's the best solution you can get.
The prices compared with the realiability, what it offers and continues updates (free updates) are more than great.
Since 2010 i bought other 3 license of this chat for others and all of them are very happy with the software.
My first license was installed on Boonex Dolphi since then I have installed on many other platform and it's working great.


- price
- see more security
- realiability
- support
- features
- simplicity to use and install


- the price of additional development

Since I am using the 123flash is the best, the easiest, the faster and the greatest one.

Raul Lazar
We are glad to announce that the new module for Boonex/Dolphin is available now

You can download it freely with this link : http://www.123flashchat.com/module-download-now.php?p=dolphin_mod_for_123flashchat.zip&pn=Dolphin%20Chat%20Module%20for%20123%20Flash%20Chat

The new module solves the compatibility problem with the latest version for Boonex/ Dolphin which is V7.14

And it has below new features

1 The module can be used for both out 123 Flash Chat and 123 PPV Software now; see more It has brought 123 PPV Software into the same module and can be used at the same time!

2 You can choose which client to go with now within this module, flash client or HTML5 client

3 The pop-up mode has been improved now; Full screen has been added and you can define it yourself as well which mode you prefer

4 New function " who's chatting" button is enabled

Check details here : http://www.123flashchat.com/dolphin-chat.html
123 Flashchat has developed a new HTML5 client recently; It works cross devices and PC users, iPhone users and Android users all can enjoy the feature;

Video has been enhanced to be high definition; And it can be fully integrated with Drupal;

It is a best choice for site masters which can bring you significant flow of customers; Database integration, Avatar integration, profile integration and access integration all can be done easily.

By enabling PPM/PPV as its family product, you can start see more you own online business in less than 5 minutes!
Is it compatible with D7.0.9?
Module does not show up in the "Not Installed Modules" no matter what directory I put the chat folder in. It just plain old does not seem to work at all.

Just going to move on to a different product.
Hello incenseman2003 this problem has been fixed now :) http://www.123flashchat.com/dolphin-chat.html
Thanks for interested in our product.

Please use attached module and install it again as per below instructions

It should work.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Step 1, Upload module files to your dolphin:

copy folder topcmm/topcmmchat to <dolphin root directory>/modules/topcmm/topcmmchat/

Step 2, Install module

1. Open: Dolphin Admin Panel -> Tools -> Modules;

2. Install: Select "123 see more Flash Chat version *.*.* by TopCMM" and click Install


Step3, Configure module:

1. Open: Dolphin Admin Panel -> Modules -> 123FlashChat Settings;

2. Configure & save 123 Flash Chat Settings

Step 4,
Integrate your chat with dolphin user database

Intro: For those who chooses running chat on [host mode] or [localhost mode], database integration is necessary,

please follow the instructions below.

1. dolphin Admin Panel -> Modules -> 123FlashChat Admin Panel,
Log in the Admin Panel of your 123FlashChat server using chat admin account.

OPEN: Server Settings-> Integration

2. For DataBase, SELECT: URL, and click "edit"

3. Change URL to:

http://<dolphin install directory>/modules/?r=chat/login/&username=%username%&password=%password%

4. Press OK to save the setting.
Yes, it can support D7.0.9 yet. http://www.123flashchat.com/dolphin-chat.html
Dolphin Chat Module 2.0 is not installing on D7.0.8, please upgrade. thx
It supports D7.0.0 ~ 7.0.9 now. http://www.123flashchat.com/dolphin-chat.html
In the latest 123flashchat 9.2, it newly introduces social connect feature, which means your chat users can connect with their Facebook or Twitter account, and update status on social networks with their chat activities! http://www.123flashchat.com/dolphin-chat.html
I use 123fc on one of my (non dolphin) sites. It's an old text only version installed on my server. I have to say that it is one componant that I never have any trouble with even though it's now at least 5 years old. I have on the other hand had problems with the ray chat using webcams in the past. 123fc is good, but the reason I am running an old out of date version of it, is because it is so expencive. I doubt 123fc will allow you to let some user groups use and view cams, and other user groups see more only chat though. I might have to try out the free version and see. However, if they are doing the free version for 10 users, and you have a new site, and don't want the load on your server, it sounds like a good deal. For many 10 users would be enough any way!
123flashchat surely has video chat version, which allow users to publish and view cams.
very expensive .. bu i dont undertsstand why we cannot wait for the boonex guyz to improve the chat module in there
The latest version 2.0 of Dolphin chat module is released on Sep.30, 2010, and the best part is once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat will be assigned to your Dolphin automatically.
You can download a free chat software from http://www.123flashchat.com/download.html, it is full-featured as the full edition but only 10 users can chat at the same time.
what does it mean by "10 concurrent users to start with"? Like, only 10 users can chat at the same time??? This is free?? like...really free?
Yes, totally free; you can choose to host it yourself or by us; 10 connections mean 10 users can chat at the same time
i don't get this, theres no dir in dolphin 7 that this says > copy folder chat/ to <dolphin root directory>/modules/topcmm/chat/
Dolphin have a free Chat and Webcam Chat... is Mod is over...
I never like 123flashchat
The price is to much and the services is suck my frined have this pc crap before and he pay a lot for this The chat is totally a PC Crap
Price is much cheaper now, hosting service starts at only $20
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